Tapping Into The Moon Energies


I love the moon energies! Right now we are in a “waxing crescent.” This moon phase is all about deepening resolve. 

… Life is not about materialistic goodies and all that is “on the surface.” It’s about what’s in our hearts – LOVE. Now is a time for regeneration of love, goals, new beginnings and to strengthen what YOU need to live your life as you walk in LOVE … 

Oh I got chills! I love when Spirit takes over when I type! So here you have it – right from Archangel Auriel –



Always keep in mind that the energy of the moon is very strong. Ever wonder why some nights you just can’t sleep? Take notice of what phase the moon is in.

There’s an app I use called Weather Bug and in that app, they tell you what phase the moon is in. It’s free plus it tells you all about the weather obviously 🙂

Write down how you feel during each phase of the moon and keep an eye out for a pattern. It’s also a good time to set your intentions. Don’t let that energy go to waste. Put it to use and tap into it!

Donna 🌙

5 thoughts on “Tapping Into The Moon Energies

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