How To Be More Clairvoyant


The most frustrating thing about this world is just three words – “How Do I?” When I have questions I try to find someone to talk to but that’s really not easy when it comes to asking about Clairvoyance because not many people experience it. I then scour the internet trying to find answers and there are a few good blogs out there but so much time is wasted looking and searching and reading. Then, when you find a blog that’s halfway decent you’ve wasted so much time in the search that it almost wasn’t worth it. To avoid all that, I try to be very ‘to the point’ here so I don’t waste your time and that hopefully, you’ll get your answers. So now, back to the question – How to be more Clairvoyant.

I must say that being Clairvoyant is really cool. To just randomly see pictures in my minds eye is actually fun but sometimes it does throw me for a loop when I see something weird. So, here are a few tips for you.

1Like anything else, the first thing to do is practice – no wait – that’s not the first thing. First – shut off all your electronics, step away from the TV, phone, computer, kids, noise or anything else that will distract you. Make sure your house is nice and quiet. I know that will be hard but I’m sure you can find 10-15 minutes of quiet time in your home – if not – this is not meant for you to do.

2SIT: Find a very comfortable chair and sit down. I say chair because if you lie down, you will fall asleep. I know because I’ve done this a thousand times. Now sit and relax.

3BREATH: Breathing is important when it comes to meditation or any of these things you need to concentrate on or relax. Don’t just breath normally, take three deeps breaths – one big inhale and one big exhale. The detail that I like to add about these breaths is this. Do you swim? Have you ever dove way down to the lake or pool and held your breath for a long time? If so, you know that feeling of having to hold your breath so long that you’re busting to inhale. That’s how deeply you need to exhale. Let it all out – when you think you have no air left, squeeze just a little more out of your lungs then do a big inhale, like you’ve just come up to the surface of the water and you take that big, big inhale. This is how you do those three breaths – that deep. You may feel a little dizzy from doing this but it’s just three times and you’re sitting down so you’ll be fine.

4RELAX: After those three cleansing breathes you should feel a little buzzy. Now stay seated comfortably in your chair and relax. Let your body be limp and soft, no tense muscles.

5DAYDREAM: This is actually the fun part. This process is opposite of what you’ve learned about meditation. When you meditate you also do step 1-4 but when it comes to this step, you have to keep your mind clear. Here, for this exercise to become more Clairvoyant, you need to fill your mind with all kinds of images. Don’t go nuts, just pick a theme like, going to the beach. Here are the images to put in your mind, or to think of in this exercice and the important thing here is –THE DETAILS.

  • You’re leaving your home to go to the beach.
  • Get in your car. Open the door handle. See your hand reaching out and grabbing the car door. Open it. Sit down, put your seatbelt on then turn the car on and drive. Notice all the houses you pass, the trees you see, the stops signs the lights, the stores, buildings and anything else you see when you drive. Notice the birds that are flying by when you drive, the dogs that are playing outside in peoples yards, school buses that pass by – notice the kids in the busses. Look up too. What does the sky look like? Are there planes flying by? Is the sun out? Is it full? Ok, you get the picture here. As you drive LOOK ALL AROUND YOU, even up in the sky, to the left and to the right. Keep in mind, this is YOUR world so you can add anything you want. The point here is for you to notice images.
  • You arrived at the beach. Get out of the car, put your keys in your purse or pocket. Go in the trunk to get your stuff. What’s in the trunk? Also, look around you. Who else is in the parking lot. Other cars? No one? Is there a parking lot or at you at a secluded park where there is no one but you. Create your surroundings here.
  • Walk up to the water. Feel the sand in your feet. Is it hot? Rocky? Soft? Warm? Do you see shells? Plants? Crabs? Create your beach with your visuals.
  • Put your sunscreen on. Take off your shirt. Put your hat on. What does your hat look like? What does the can say on your sunscreen. Do you have to unbutton your shirt or pull it off? These are all details that make you pay attention to your surroundings.
  • You are now in the water. Continue your imagery like we did above. Feel the temperature. Look at the color of the water. Are there waves? Boats? Fish? Look, look and look.
  • Continue this exercise for as long as you want. You can end it at the beach or drive home.

Ok, you get the picture right? I don’t know about your but I just got amazing visuals as I was typing this. THIS is how clairvoyance works. The only difference is that here in this exercise YOU are creating the imagery. When clairvoyance kicks in, it just comes in – like a movie as they say. Depending on your skill, you can ask for clairvoyant imagery from your Spirit team or you just happen to receive it when you least expect it.

There are other things to consider about clairvoyance like where or who does it come from and do you trust what you saw or did you just create another world in you mind? That is a subject for another time. Meanwhile, practice this exercise over and over so you get comfortable with looking at and creating images in your mind. It’s actually very fun and very relaxing but like anything else, practice makes perfect.

See you around!

Donna 👀



10 thoughts on “How To Be More Clairvoyant

  1. Hi Donna, I loved reading this post. Could you tell me a bit more about how visions relate to déjà vu? Sometimes I get these strong feeling of being in a familiar situation. I’m almost sure I had dreamed it in detail years before and then I find myself reliving it in real life. How could this be?

    • Well that answer gets complicated but it all has to do with the gifts that we ALL have but some of us put these gifts on the back burner or refuse to believe that they exist. I mean really, have you read everything in this blog? How can I make this stuff up? Ok, going back to your question. Deja Vu can be complicated. It can be images that we are meant to pay attention to so we see a foreshadowing of it.What do those images mean to you? Why were they so important that you had to see them twice or before they happened? Revisit those images and think and feel what they mean to you. That would be step one.

  2. I appreciate what you are doing to help others rise to their intuitive power potential! I think too that people shouldn’t blow off the little “coincidences” in life. Clairvoyance happens all the time when people had a gut feeling about something or sensed the tension in the room, but because they don’t know what to do with it, they blow it off. Celebrating the little things can feed the power, I think. I just wrote a quick blog about seeing my daughter’s dream that you might like 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • You are so right! Everyone has the sense to see and feel but like you said, they blow it off. The more you tap into those feelings, the better you get at it. I’d love to read your post – I’ll go √ it out now. Thank you for the comment 🙂

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  7. I know this post is very old, but I came across it and found it very interesting. The question and answer about Deja Vu was interesting because I have had this happen to me. I tend to find alot of elements in my dreams and feelings towards my dreams worrisome.

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