How Are Bad Spirits Like Smelly Cans of Cat Food?


The other day I was reading a post in a facebook forum and a member there said she just did a house clearing – for the first time. I always get nervous when I hear about these “first time” experiences. Was it done right? Was it done safely?

She started off by saying that she felt there was a bad presence in her home and she was going to take it upon herself to get rid of it. That’s all fine and dandy if you know what you’re doing.

I’m not saying that I go Ghost busting all over town but there were times when I saw something ugly in my home and sent it packing and I’ll tell you about that later on in this post.

So anyway, this girl said she felt a bad presence in her home so she sent it away. Which is fine but I asked her “where did you send it?”

I got a visual of her scratching her head because since she was a newbie to the Ghost Busting thing, she didn’t know.

I thought so.

If you are one of those people who go cleaning homes or spaces, keep in mind, when you send something out, it goes somewhere. It’s not in your home anymore because you sent it packing but it actually goes somewhere else. Where is that somewhere? To your neighbor? To a depressed person in the next town? To some crazy teens playing with those dangerous Ouija boards? That would be a yes, yes and most definitely yes.

Here’s what happened to me one Christmas eve – interesting time for a visit don’t you think?

I was in my kitchen with my red and white apron on cleaning up a storm and getting ready for family to arrive. Happy as can be I was in my kitchen doing whatever it was I was doing when these horrible and I mean horrible images popped up in my mind (that Clairvoyance or seeing with the 3rd eye) clear out of the blue. It stopped me in my tracks.


There were grotesque images of demons and monstrous looking faces right in front of me. Along with disgusting images of, how do I say, “inappropriate acts” were also included in this vision. How’s that for Christmas spirit? Yes, someone was trying to rattle my cage but it didn’t work.

I stand strong in my beliefs and I know I have my Guides and Archangel Michael with me 24/7. Did I get scared? No. Because I know that I’m always in control. Sure it was unsettling to see such gross images when I’m listening to “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” and thinking about the wonderfulness of Christmas so yea, it startled me a little.

What did I do? I stopped in my tracks and immediately closed my eyes and said, “oh no you don’t! You will NOT show this to me and you are NOT welcome in my home or anywhere near it.”

The images instantly fled – but, where did they go? To scare someone else?

Before I sent them packing I told them to go into the light and love. I visually turned them all into beautiful gold glitter and swooshed them out into the Universe IN A BEAUTIFUL FORM.

See what I did? I took a bad, turned it into good THEN I sent it away into the Universe.

I went about my business but first, I rebooted my energy with light from the Divine. When you send energy out (for me, all these motions and intentions use up energy) make sure you fill yourself back up with good energy and light OR there will be a little space within you that is open – for something to fill in. That fill in needs to be good. This is a post for another time and an important one.

So, any cat owners here? Do you feed them wet food? Of course you do so you know how smelly those cans are after the feeding frenzy is done. What do you do? Well I don’t know about you but I rinse the can out, make it all clean again before throwing it away. I do this so it doesn’t stink up the garbage can – the place I send it to when I’m done with it.

Get my point?

3 thoughts on “How Are Bad Spirits Like Smelly Cans of Cat Food?

  1. Hm. This is a pretty interesting post! Lots of food for thought here.
    When I clear, I ask the Angels to please escort any icky feeling energy out. I request that it/they be transmuted in the Light, in the name of Love, if that is possible. But I question if that is always possible? And I say that because I believe in Free Will. Sort of like how not all Earthbounds will cross into the Light and how it’s not within our power to force them. We can certainly enforce what happens in our space, but beyond that we can’t control what another spirit or energy does, ultimately. Know what I mean?

    When I clear, if it is an Earthbound, I attempt to help them cross. If they don’t wish to do so, they are asked to leave as well.

    I suppose the reason I comment is because I question our ability to transmute everything that is low feeling. I certainly agree with your statements about taking into consideration where it goes after we dismiss it.

    I love the analogy of the cat food can. I myself don’t feed my cats wet food but I know the stench you speak of! Haha! I throw my cans in the recycling, which I think is just as powerful an analogy. Recycle= made into something else. Light and love perhaps.

    Thanks for sharing your story!! I am so glad you were able to find some Peace that Christmas Eve!! What do you think that energy was? Actual spirit or energy being sent from someone’s thoughts/elsewhere? Because it seems to me that thoughts would be more easily transmuted on command/with intention.

    Either way, glad you found peace and grateful for this story to ponder over. Always LOVE having new things to consider in the name of growth and expansion.

    Sat Nam 💜

    • Nam – that energy was definitely a bad one based on the horrible images I saw. I never saw anything like that one again after that day. Who was it? I feel it was just the dark trying to balance out the light – after all, it was Christmas. However, we do have free will and that, was not allowed in or around my space – ever – so I sent it packing. The main point of this post is to always transmute before you send anything away. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I also have a facebook group called Angel Hug 2:34 if you’d like to join me there as well 🙂

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