Journal Time: Will I? I Can!

As I make my Bucket List for 2016, I stand within myself with questions for the future, like we all do right? Questions like:

  • Should I?
  • Could I?
  • Am I suppose to?
  • Will I be good at?

However, instead of asking myself, I’m TELLING myself!

Doing this not only makes for better intentions to manifest what you want but it embeds the right motivation in your mind that you need to plan for 2016 and beyond.

So you guys see my path here is clear but like everyone else, I question myself – and I hate that! I need to stand strong in my path, my goals and my future because there is no turning back nor do I want to. Here’s why.

As I plan for my monthly workshops in 2016, I kept asking my Guides for signs. Should I do this? Is this what I’m suppose to do? And I shit you not when every time I ask and pull my cards, this card shows up which I LOVE!!!


I will never question my teaching path again because I know for a fact that it will be 100% spot on and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it!

Today, like I said as I was writing my Bucket List, I again I sat within myself not asking but TELLING myself:

  • I AM GOING TO ___________
  • I AM A _________________
  • I WILL _________________
  • I CAN __________________

After I set these intentions, I conversed with my Guides and pulled a card. Look what they tell me!


This is VERY profound. As of today, December 19, 2015, I am 110% sure of my path. My questions have been answered and now, I can move on with my plans for 2016 with all the confidence and motivation I need.

This step right here is so very important because without this mindset, I will not be able to move forward in my writings, teachings, readings or gifts to be able to help others.

Now and only now, I AM.

4 thoughts on “Journal Time: Will I? I Can!

    • The unique thing about Angel Chatter cards is that they do not have any images. The have a look of parchment paper in the background and they all contain Angelic symbols which are composed of lines. Look at just one card in this blog – that is how all the cards look but with different symbols and messages. In it’s simplicity comes very strong messages. With these cards, because of their simplicity, YOU have to bring in your intuition and the connection you have with your Guides to bring out the message that is meant for you. No distracting images that tell a story – these cards are the real deal.

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