Angels Love Water



I wanted to share this drawing I did of a vision I had during a meditation a few months ago.

The Angels were standing by a waterfall looking down on earth – apparently some really like water! Anyway, they had a very playful feel to them and this particular bunch had beautiful gold rings around their heads. They smile as they look down at us through an opening in the sky.

So when you are by water and get that relaxing, happy feeling – maybe your Angels are looking down upon you!

Donna 💦 💦

3 thoughts on “Angels Love Water

  1. Yes, they do…AND they love houseboats!

    On New Earth waterfalls fall openly from the sky into never ending pools; like a big circular pond. The Undines make up most of everything; the water elementals. Connections to them are very important because they are everywhere within us and our planet. The angels can assist with this “joint” connection.

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