When Messages From Angels Are Loud and Clear


Over the past several weeks some of you may know that I’ll be hosting Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops in my town. A few times a week I ask my Guides if this is the path for me and 9/10 the “Teacher” card is pulled. The other card? It’s the “WRITE” card from Metatron and I know I have a VERY STRONG connection with him. 

It came to the point where I don’t ask anymore because this one card keeps coming up over and over and over again and I’m thrilled about that!

This morning as I was lighting my oil warmer I looked on the shelf where I have my cards and crystals set up and I had a white Bible sitting there in the corner. I’ve owned this Bible for YEARS and maybe opened it up three times.

This morning for some reason I was compelled to open it. This is the page that was shown to me and look at the first word that I noticed smack in the middle of the page. TEACHER.

They are literally SCREAMING at me to walk this path and it’s for a reason – it’s not for me but for people. It’s all about healing and I cannot. wait. to. start.

2016 is the year of the AWAKENED and I don’t know about you but I definitely see and feel it.

Happy new year!
Angel Hugs,


2 thoughts on “When Messages From Angels Are Loud and Clear

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