What Color Are Angels?


My world is all about color. That’s how I make my living on Decorating by Donna. My world now is also very much about Angels. The fantastic part is that now my world is very much about color AND Angels because each Angel is associated with a color. My world just turned perfect.

Did you ever see indigo blue or pink or yellow flash by your eyes? If you were like me a while back you probably thought that you were getting glaucoma or some eye disease right? Well chances are you have been seeing Angels.

Angels don’t come out of the sky, stand in front of you and say “here I am! Look at me with my long white gown on and my beautiful gold halo!” Well maybe some people see that but it’s not the norm. What is the norm?

Angels can appear to people in many ways and I’ll write about that at a different time. Today, I’m going to tell you which Angel you may be seeing when you see color.

Starting with:

INDIGO BLUE or SAPPHIRE BLUE: That is hands down Archangel Michael. Michael also overs sees the Brow Chakra, or 3rd Eye Chakra which also happens to represent indigo blue. For me, this is the #1 color I see when I close my eyes or just see colors flash before my eyes during the day. Sometimes when I close my eyes to meditate I see Indigo wheels just spinning away. Archangel Raziel also oversees the 3rd Eye Chakra and also represents that hue. How can you connect with this Angel:

  • wear indigo blue
  • eat blueberries
  • where sapphires
  • meditate with the Lapis Lazuli crystal
  • He also represents SOUTH on the compass and the FIRE element
  • He’s all about pure UNTAMED ENERGY


GREEN: Grass green, is the color of our Heart Chakra and Archangel Raphael oversees that chakra and color. You may see green when you are thinking about something associated with the heart. Are you in love? Did you just meet someone? Are you celebrating a milestone that is important to you? Anything that pulls at your heart strings, is of course associated with the heart and when you may be seeing ‘green.’ How can you connect with this Angel?

  • wear green
  • walk in the grass
  • have green plants in your home or office
  • wear emeralds or incorporate malachite in your home
  • eat your greens!
  • Raphael represents EAST on the compass and the AIR element which is all about our THOUGHTS.


YELLOW: It’s the color of Joy! Yellow is a happy color and it’s where you’ll see and sense Archangel Jophiel. She is the Angel of Beauty, Joy, Wisdom and Empowerment. Bet you didn’t know yellow could be all that right? Archangel Jophiel oversees the Solar Plexus which, as you may guess, is yellow. When will you feel or sense her around? When you are in your groove and feeling good! It’s the ‘I got this!’ feeling and that’s what your Solar Plexus does. It’s your “this is who I am!” center. How can you connect with this Angel?

  • it’s all about yellow! The sun, flowers and even the paint color in your home.
  • notice yellow butterflies? That’s her!
  • Are you attracted to yellow flowers?
  • Eat any food that has the yellow hue from lemons to bananas
  • Use yellow calcite if you’re into crystals.
  • Feel your inner beauty as you connect with Jophiel


ORANGE: Love sunsets in the WEST? That is so very Archangel Gabriel. He is all about the color orange and oversees the Sacral Chakra which is orange. The Sacral Chakra is our sensuality and creative zone so if you see orange and you’re a creative person – that’s him helping you. Are you a writer? Artist? Teacher? Dancer? Lover 😉 ? Keep an eye out for those orange hues – he’s there to help. How you can connect with him?

  • wear orange clothing to get your Sacral Chakra going
  • Feeling frisky? That’s your Sacral Chakra spinning along. Pull back on the orange if you need to 😉
  • Amber, copper and citrine will also help you connect with him
  • He is WEST on the compass, is the WATER elements and has a strong hold our EMOTIONS. Tap into that.


RED: “Seeing red” is known as an anger statement however, when you see red, there’s a good change that Archangel Uriel is with you. He is also known to be with you when you see rainbows as well so look to the NORTH for his grounding feeling as he oversees your Root Chakra. He is the element of EARTH as associated with STABILITY. Connect with him by:

  • eating root veggies like beets
  • foods that are red such as apples, strawberries and cherries will also work.
  • Love rubies? There’s the red again!
  • When your head feels a little “fluttery and in the clouds” call in Uriel to help ground you and get your feet firmly planted on the ground.

VIOLET: Oh this is a special one and it’s all about Archangel Zadkiel and your Crown Chakra. This chakra is all about your Spiritual connection and is located on the top of your head. Ever feel like there are bugs crawling on the top of  your head? I know that sounds gross but that is a sure indication of your Crown Chakra awakening. You may also see some of your little hairs start to lift up. I know because that has happened to me for months before it subsided. Anyway, this beautiful Angel will help you connect you with your Divine Source.

  • wear violet or incorporate that paint color in your home
  • collect Amethysts – lots of them!
  • connect to your Spiritual self
  • there really are no specific foods for this, just make healthy choices
  • incorporate metallics or any “bling” that you may be attracted to

SKY BLUE: “Talk” about a pretty color!  This color is all about the Throat Chakra. There are a few Angels that oversee this Chakra so in this case, you don’t have to call in any particular one, just set your intentions. How can you do this?

  • the Throat Chakra is all about speaking your truth
  • do you communicate well?
  • think before you speak?
  • purchase the Angellite crystal which connects you to all the Angels plus it’s really a pretty sky blue color.
  • also, when you speak from your heart, your Throat Chakra will balance.

This was a lot of information here and I tried to simplify it for you. So when  you see those colors, keep your Angels in mind BUT notice how you feel when you see them. I’ve highlighted some key words here so think about them as well. Also, Angels are neither male or female yet both – expect Michael of course -so feel free to use either “him or her” when speaking about them.

Enjoy those hues! Donna 🌈



23 thoughts on “What Color Are Angels?

    • All the colors are wild but there are neon colors now popping in which are cool. Neon blue and neon green. Also a lot of metallic. I believe the Angel bar is being raised 🙂 Thanks aging for reading!!!

    • Thanks! My next post will be digging deep into those colors and seeing what the feel like and what they mean. I’ll need to do my homework on that one but stay tuned! I’ll link it to this one when it’s done 🙂

    • Hi Dana, this journey is different for everyone but from what I’ve studied, that’s usually how it first starts – seeing flashes, flutters from the corner of our eye, sparkles etc. Eventually the it turns to specific shapes (lot of spinning circles for me which look a lot like the chakras) then indigo blue shows up, pink, green and lots of purple. Whenever I call in AA Mike, a second later I see that gorgeous blue – like in my Angel Hug logo – and I feel safe. As you get to know your Angels, you see a pattern of the same colors showing up every time a specific Angel is called in. When you see something, always ask “Are you and Angel?” and wait for a sign. They will tell you!

      • I recently experienced spinning circles of purple, about the size of of a soft ball racing across my ceiling, I have since experience driving down the road and it was pitch dark out but the sky on both sides of me and in front of me became a deep purple glow. Once I went over a bridge and made a curve to the right the sky returned dark. The weather was clear, just a very dark night, i couldn’t help but just focus on the sky and do not remember crossing over the bridge or making the curve. I seemed to be affixed to the sky. I would say this was for a mile at least, if not somewhat more. I will admit I have never like this area I have to travel, because right after this bridge the roads forks. I especially do not like coming from the other direction than i was the night i saw the glowing purple sky.
        Today (Early AM) I experienced 3 things , sitting at my computer and having my morning devotional, and coffee, I was praying and in tears, and listening to gospel music,I have white & red cabinet doors across from my desk, and i looked up and my white cabinet doors was a violet color including a white door frame leading into another part of my home. I sat there amazed. and slowing the violet color left . next time I looked up from my computer these white cabinets trim and doors was sky blue, once again i just sat and looked till the color left, this happen again but this time it was a light red this time even the white ceiling was the same light red. these 3 visits of colors was a like a floating haze of color and on the last one of red on the ceiling looked like clouds or smoke close to the ceiling. All of these has happened with in a month beginning with the purple softballs racing across the full length of the ceiling. Any in put would be appreciated. I do know I have God given gifts, but these are my first experiences of color, I want to fully understand what I am being shown. Thanks in Advance and May God Bless us all.

      • So much could be happening here but I get the feeling that your Crown Chakra is opening. Violet or purple can be the presence of the Violet Flame and Archangel Zadkiel. How wonderful for you! Think about that for a bit and see how that resonates with you. Next time you see purple, ask which Angel is with you and listen or watch for the answers >3

  1. I finally found out more about my spirit guide last night. Female, and a powerful light… extremely intelligent, insightful, and protective. She is to help me find truth in its highest form. Also, apparently she likes or reveals herself as a very light blu-ish lavender, like that beautiful colour of lavender smoke. She’s been with me since childhood and does reveal herself to me. Because this colour came up, I am trying to understand its significance. I was told it was a “light blue-ish lavender… like smoke” So do I associate it more with blue, or violet? I’ve been leaning more towards violet and the crown chakra, as it makes sense in my current journey anyway. Any feedback on this would help greatly!

    • And you are so right! A light bluish smoke/lavender color would certainly be represented of the Crown Chakra. Think of what smoke does – it floats right up to the sky right? That is where and what your Crown Chakra is all about. It’s on top of your head and connects you to your Divine, which goes all the way to the the top. Your descriptive words answered your own question. Re-read them 🙂

  2. I see Angels light all the time. Mostly bright white. But at times I clearly see a dark light then some one passes. Can U explain this one to me.. I believe in angels an most if all GOD, JESUS an the HOLY GHOST..

    • Hi Sandi. That’s great that you see Angel lights all the time. I’m assuming that you know they are Angels because of the way you feel when you see those lights. How do you feel when you see a darker light? You may be picking up on the energy of some Spirits walking around. Trust what you feel ❤

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