A Really Easy Way To See Auras

I just saw this post from Amanda Linette Meder, one of my favorite blogs to read, and she hit the nail on the head. Her post is titled, Can People With Glasses See Spirits More Easily? Did you all read it yet? I love the way she writes about things that you don’t find on any other blog – the nitty gritty!

Anyway, this got me thinking about glasses as well. Last night I had a “me” night and I was in my bedroom reading for hours – it was wonderful. I was reading about auras and how you can see them and what colors they are etc.

Two of my cats just happen to be at the end of the bed so it was experiment time! Off came the glasses.

I wasn’t looking for Spirits as mentioned in Amanda’s blog but I was looking for auras. I can see auras with my glasses on so I wanted to see if they looked any better or different with my glasses off.

Off came the glasses. When you are looking for Spirits or at auras, it’s best to have a soft eye, a soft focus as if you are in a daydream stare so taking your glasses off actually helps a lot.

So there I am with glasses off staring at my kitties. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not but my one cat started twitching away as my glare was on him. That made me wonder if there was an energy connection going on. Was he able to feel my stare?

Anyway, in as short as a minute or two as my eyes were semi out of focus, I started seeing a haze around my one cat. You can blink in this process but keep it limited and still keep your eyes relaxed.

The haze then turned to color. It was a deep, deep red burgundy color – a clean burgundy not muddy or dirty. As I stared at my cat the red was moving and changing in shape. It ranged from about one to two inches off his body and it was all spiky on top.

I took this picture of my cat and then drew the aura I saw in an iPad app called Artstudio. This is basically what it looked like but the aura moved all around and changed shape as I looked at it.

I look at my other cat (she is the gray cat in the photo above that decided to end my reading time) and saw her aura as well. Her color was a bright green and it was all over her body and the only difference here was that her aura was soft and cloudy and the other cat had a spiky aura.

Now that I’m thinking about this a bit, I’m wondering what the significance of these colors are and why the different shapes? What was different about these cats that they had two very different colors?

Breaking it down: The lighter cat, Jimmy, is 17 years old and was semi awake when I was staring at him. Again, his ears were twitching away as I was staring at him to the point he looked a little uncomfortable.

My 3 year old gray cat Annie, was fast asleep. Interestingly, as I was glaring at her, she too started twitching in her sleep.

This was a super fun experiment and I encourage all of your to try to look at auras. Try looking at your hands or your pets if they are still long enough, with your glasses on then take them off and see which works better for you.

Do this throughout the day. You’ll find that it’s easier to see auras when the lights are dimmer such as dusk or in the house at evening time with lights on low. Document what you see.

Before you go, here is a post I wrote about where you can see what auras look like around trees.

Here’s looking at you!  👀

8 thoughts on “A Really Easy Way To See Auras

  1. I’ve always been able to see the lightbody, the inner layer of the aura, around people, animals, trees, but only very rarely a glimpse of color. How cool! And how apropos, color really *is* your thing! 🙂 I somehow missed Amanda’s article, so I’m off to read it. Donna, a question for you. Do you have trouble with “floaters” on the back of your eye, or no? I have a hard time trusting movement that I see out of the corner of my eye because of this. :-/ Just curious. I wish there was a way to be rid of them.

    • Yea I think just about everyone has floaters but when you see colors, Angels and energies most of the time, floaters are like a piece of hair that has crossed your face, you just brush it away and ignore it. Honestly, I really didn’t even notice them much until they were mentioned of the Circle in Facebook.

    • Looks like she is your Spiritual animal guide. I bet you feel super connected to her right? She is guiding you on your path I’m sure ❤

      Also keep in mind that out pets are here to balance and guide us via energy. Doesn’t your heart melt when you see her? It’s all about vibrations and connection with our energies.

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