I Don’t Want This Card! I Want a Re-Do

Guardian-AngelWhat is my message for today?

I had a lot on my mind last night – nothing serious just those little things that add aggravation to my day but never-the-less are annoying as heck. Well I just need to learn to let go of those little things but we all know it’s easier said than done right?

So anyway, I pick up my cards this morning and ask “What is my message for today?” I was thinking maybe I’d pull the WATER card as if to say, just be a like water on a ducks back and let all the annoyances just roll off. In my mind, that sounded good.

I get the cards in my hand and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle as I try to clear my head but I’m still tired from being up since 4:30 am, my stomach is growling, the house is dark and cold, my 17 year old cat is sneezing all over the place and it’s like – ugggggg, just get me out of here! What card do I pull? “Guardian Angel. I am always with you. I always have been and always will be.”

That’s not a message! I read that and felt like putting it back in the pile and getting a re-do. That card doesn’t tell me anything … or does it?

I’ve had these cards for a while now and recently wrote a post on Is Card Reading a Bunch of BS or What? and I know for sure, that it is not. Having said that, what is this card telling me?

After thinking about it for a while I felt like an Angel was standing right next to me with their arms, or I guess that would be wings, wrapped around me saying, “It’ll be ok, just learn to let some things go, don’t sweat the small stuff ok?”

I guess it’s just like talking to a friend about your problems and that friend really does nothing but listen, and sometimes that’s all you need.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want This Card! I Want a Re-Do

  1. So good today for me, as I have a big dinner/meeting re: my invention, the MacTube, with Engineering Student, Nurse, Business Man, and Hubby tonite. Dreamt my Husband and I were going to Disneyland, yet had trouble finding parking, and came in a back entrance, and then all the rides were wrong, similar to what they should be, yet not as good. I looked up amusement park in my “dream” book and it said if you’re scared there, it may mean you’re afraid of finally losing out on something. So….Guardian Angel will be MORE than welcome at my meeting tonight. My Husband just called and said he actually got up early this a.m. ‘cuz he dreamt we were being chased by some big white thing, and he kept kicking at it and telling it to go away. Kripes! Maybe Michael’s in order!

    • Lol, wow you must be exhausted from all that dream activity! I actually had a lot myself which is probably another reason I’m tired today. AND, when one is tired, ones vibration and energy is low which is probably why I didn’t connect well with my cards. I think we should both take the day off! 🙂

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