This Is What Happens When Your Vibration Gets Too Low

Morning everyone! – yesterday was very interesting and not in a good way. I just had a really off day and I probably know why.


I was reading a thread on a particular facebook group and there was a conversation going on about the “dark side” and I WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT!  It has nothing to do with fear like they said but the fact is that I will not feed the dark side in any way, shape or form. I will not give that energy even  one inkling of my energy not even during a conversation on facebook. Everyone has their right to talk about what they want in a group but I had to walk away. Even though I wasn’t participating in the chat anymore, every time I even saw a comment my vibration would get a step lower and lower and lower. With every word of “that yukky stuff”  I felt like my energy was taken out and feeding the ugly. So I left. I’ll be back when they get onto a lighter conversation but for now, I left.



I know life is all about balance but I had my share of that yuk and I’ve worked too hard to raise my vibration to where it is now – not going back. Long story short, I felt like crap yesterday, had low thoughts, didn’t feel happy, couldn’t work on my Angel paintings, didn’t enjoy reading – nothing. I sat on the sofa all day and did absolutely nothing because I felt that bad. This also happens to me when I watch the News, listen to people complaining about their “bad” so I don’t do that either.


If you read my post yesterday about the card I pulled, you’ll see that there wasn’t even a strong enough connection to ask my Angels to give me a message for the day. What’s up with that? Didn’t like it.


Around 9pm I went to my bed to read. I decided to do a meditation by Amanda Linette Meder which is a person I HIGHLY recommend reading by the way. I learned more on that blog in 6 months than from everything I’ve EVER read. She does have a membership for as little as $73 a month but you don’t need to sign up. Everything on her blog talks about what she has on her membership with an exception of a few courses and meditations. Just and FTI, many of her ecourses are copulation of her blog posts so as much as I love her, save your money, you don’t need to be a member because her blog is that good.


So last night I started the process of raising my vibration again. This was actually quite annoying to me because I just had a really, really nice connection (Crown Chakra was wide open as per a reading I JUST had done by my wonderful friend Carrie Beleno.) She is another good read and a very gifted Medium. Please read her website too and she just published a book that you’ll want to read. I got the inside scoop on that one and it was amazing.


In the bathtub I went. I dumped in three big handfuls of Epsom’s Salt and in the hot water I sat. My candle was on, the salt was soaking in and I could start to feel my yuk go away but I felt I still had a long way to go.




Feeling all warm and semi myself again I decided to listen to a meditation to connect to my higher self, and that was one by Amanda but one I grabbed from her Membership section, sorry, don’t have a link to that one. As I was listening, I felt a smile come over my face as my vibration slowly began to rise again. Apparently I fell asleep as the meditation just looped over and over and over again. I had no idea how many times I listened to it. Wasn’t that interesting how that happened? I fell asleep while listening to those words – repeatedly for my sub conscience to hear. That is what my body and mind needed to get me out of my funk. I woke up about an hour later laughing because I still had my headset on and the soundtrack of Amanda’s voice still chatting away. That was good!


Now for the cool part. I had some crazy dreams and a lot was going on but the part I remember the most was trying to help this guy who had some health issue, I think it was depression or some type of Autism. That was Shamanic work! A Shaman is someone who heals via the Spirit world either in a meditation, via dreams or focused state. Read the link I have there to see the full meaning. That was the first time that happened for me!!!!! Also the cool part of this dream was when I first realized that I was having a dream (Lucid Dream) then secondly realizing that I was about to help heal him. This was a milestone for me!!!


“This is big news and a very large step of discovery for me. Not only did I drop all the yuk but I managed to raise my vibration in such a way that it opened a Shamanic gift for me! So, right now on one hand I was very annoyed about the conversation and all that went down yesterday but it was because of that yuk that Spirit helped me not only overcome that issue but surpass it by giving me this wonderful new gift.”


A whole new world just opened up for me. See how things work out? Everything happens for a reason and I can’t wait to explore it!

8 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When Your Vibration Gets Too Low

  1. How awesome! Well the end result!! Enjoy exploring! I always use AA Michael and his sword of light to cut away any funky energy or cords of attachment when I have been exposed to things like that. Helps immensely!

  2. The conversation was about releasing your own fear of the “yuck” to transmute that yuck into Light and love.
    So where you couldn’t physically stay with us in that conversation it seams like your guides did and helped you experience exactly what we were talking about. Now let go of the fear you hold over this conversation and bask it that light. That “yuck” is the darkness within you, accept in and hold it in the light to be healed!
    ♡ ♡ ♡ Rae

    • You may be right on some level Rae and I see that now, however, I got knocked down and out from that conversation – that yuk energy was that strong. I’m glad I was able to transmute it to a new gift and Awakening because now, I can see my own aura which I wasn’t able to do yesterday. Thanks Rae x0x0

  3. Ditto, Donna 😉 I did exactly the same thing the last couple of days/nights to raise my vibrations – candle, salt bath, Amanda’s meditation, Many decades ago, I was kissed by an Angel and that is the realm I prefer to hang out in 🙂 To each his own unique path ❤ Curious, was this the first time you were able to see your own aura? or just that you didnt see it for a couple of days and then you were able to again? If it is your first time, CONGRATULATIONS!

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