Keep Calm And Bring Your Spirit To Work Day


It’s always nice to have a work Assistant with you to offer help and guidance to assure that everything goes as planned and in a professional manner.
Come read about my Assistant who I couldn’t see but could feel, didn’t take notes for me but told me what to do and moved along the appointment when it came to a lull. Who was this amazing Assistant? 

I have a great job as a Color Expert, you can read all about that at I choose color palettes for homes, now specializing in Holistic Colors. See how nicely color ties into this blog?

The other day a client called me up in a huff, “can you come right over? We desperately need color for our home and … the painter is in the house as we speak!” This was a 911 for sure.

Color consultations usually take two hours at the most but this was was a struggle to get the first color down. An hour into it and still no color. I mentioned to the client that time is money and we need to start moving along. I felt a sense of displease as I said that.

Colors eventually were chosen but I felt that they just settled in order to get the process moving, after all, the painters were in the house.

We get up to the second floor and the feeling is as thick as pea soup. I’m standing in the master bedroom, look at the homeowners and pause. They are looking at me like, “what?”

I came right out and said, “ok, who has ADHD and who has Depression issues?” They look at me relieved yet puzzled how I knew this and where did it come from. After a brief explaining of how I was able to read them, I told them that it was important to be honest with me about what you want for your home. Don’t be embarrassed, this is your home and I want to get the colors that feel good for you.

I saw a HUGE sign of relief on their face as we quickly picked the colors for the rest of their home …with some guided assistance I might add. I also asked them if they’d like to repick the colors on the first floor now that everything it out and we’re on the same page, and they responded with a big YES. The colors that took an hour to choose downstairs were chosen again in less than 5 minutes.

I’d like to thank my Spirit Team who decided to show up when they saw that we all needed some Angelic guidance. So, many thanks to my Design Assistant for the day … I’ll put you in for a raise 🙂

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