What A Great Workshop It Was!


My first Angel Hug workshop could not have been any more perfect! This was the first of many Angel Hug workshops to come that took place January 9th. It was the Mind, Body, Spirit workshop and it was a success!

I’d first like to thank my two guest speakers.  Carrie Beleno was talking about her book that just got published. It’s called The Night Yoda Phoned. It’s a great book and I just finished reading it and yes, I have a signed copy. Thank you Carrie and I appreciate the 9 hour ride from PA to get here.

Also, Pat Rorke of Blue Bungalow Spa had some amazing facial exercises for us to do. Yea we looked funny doing them but they sure did feel good! Thank you Pat for flying in from NY for this event. I really appreciate it!

Thank you to Sharon Albright, the owner of the beautiful setting at The Retreat at Valley Farm – it has incredible energy! I can’t wait to host more workshops in the Spring as the weather gets nicer.

Speaking of more workshops, my next one is March 12th and it’s called Decorating With Your Chakras in Mind. I’m super excited about this one because we will be talking about color for the home – make that the RIGHT colors for the home. It’s all about the Holistic House. Here, you’ll be getting expert color advice (I’m an Interior Designer) for the day for only $50 per person.

I again have two guests speakers, Carrie Beleno once again who will be offering readings for the day and a new guest Kristen Ford Wiedenhoeft who will be showing her line of Premier Jewelry. Kristen will be showing her colorful line of jewelry and I will tell you how it relates to your chakras. Jewelry is another alternative to using crystals. Not everyone has access or knows how to use crystals but everyone knows about jewelry. We’re just taking it one step further.

Ok so there you have it! The workshop results are in and it was wonderful. I’ll post information here about all the workshops and on facebook (in the public Events) so keep an eye out for all of them.

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