I Heard What You Thought!

telepathyThis post is about Telepathy. Can we really read other people’s minds?

Yes. I know because I did it totally by accident, without even trying. Has it happened again? No but something tells me it will especially if this happened out of thin air, I can only imagine what will happen if I develop it. Time will tell.

There are many gifts and talents that people have, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Card readings, Reiki hearings, Readings to see people who have passed, crossing over Earthbound Spirits – all kinds of things. There are also people who have the gift of Telepathy which in it’s simplest form, is a direct communication between two minds.

Now I’m no way an authority on this subject, as a matter of fact I am asking for information about it on some Facebook groups of like minded people that I belong to. I’m trying to find out how this works. What is the common link?

I don’t want to scour the internet about it but I will do so at some point as a background, again to see if there is a common link. I do want to talk to and have live conversations with people who can do this. Meanwhile, I can share my story and tell you what I experienced.

I was at a party with friends about a good six months ago and I’m going to say with “like-minded friends” just in case that is a key point to this. We were chatting about cards, readings and just sharing our experiences in our Metaphysical worlds.

There were two people to the right of me that were friends so to start off with, they already had a tight communication between each other.

During one point of one girls conversation, I “heard” the thought of the other one that was sitting next to her. She didn’t speak – she thought.

I was surprise to have heard that thought and even more surprised when the other girl did what her friend has suggested – keep in mind this is all going down via thoughts.

It’s hard to follow I know – let me break it down this way:

  • two friends are sitting next to each other at a party
  • I was sitting next to them
  • girl #1 was speaking
  • girl #2 said something to her via a thought
  • I “heard” what girl #2 said to girl #1 via a thought
  • girl #1 then continues her chat BUT incorporates what girl #2 said to her via a thought that girl #2 said to her.

So this is not only confirmation for me that I heard a thought but confirmation that two people, girl #1 and girl #2 do it all the time. I just happen to be girl #3 who heard it.

What did I learn?

That yes, you can definitely hear the thoughts of other people but does it make a difference who those people are? Do they have to be gifted or can they be just regular Joe’s?

I’ll be researching and practicing this big time until I fully understand it. All I do know is they have to be careful what they think in a room full of Mediums. Just sayin’ girls.


2 thoughts on “I Heard What You Thought!

  1. I’m extremely interested in this for very personal reasons. I experience things like this all the time. Not between two other people, I just hear what people (close to me) are thinking. I went through a spiritual awakening in 2013. I’ve been researching metaphysical stuff heavily, intuition, spiritual abilities, and my background amongst many things every since that year. By the way, I am an empath, and also highly sensitive (which I had known that my whole life). My friend and I have had quite a few freak out sessions, thinking we were crazy. Then it started happening with my kids, and now my boyfriend. I can do it with practically with anyone, even strangers, but keep in mind b/c of what I am, I try to stay completely isolated from people as much as I can. My kids can actually hear my thoughts too, I just recently discovered. We were verbally speaking out loud about one subject, then my mind jumped to something totally different. My son answered what the totally different thing was I was thinking! My daughter added a second comment. I immediately jumped up, and said but we were talking about such and such, how did y’all hear me. They said they just did. We all just kind of looked at each other and acknowledged it! 🙂 I’d like to know what all you’ve found out in your facebook chats, or if you’ve searched the internet yet. I don’t have facebook at the moment. I deactivate from time to time, because I end up absorbing too much of other people’s energies, and I just have to detach from that sort of thing every now and then. I’ll keep checking back on your blog, and hopefully you’ll have a new entry under this particular subject! (hugs)

    • Wow, Jamia, two words into your post and I saw a big EMPATH – but you’ve taken it to the next level.

      People who are highly empathic are able to pick up on thoughts and feelings on facebook. I’ve helped several facebook friends find things just by looking at their picture.

      That’s so amazing that you and your kids can share thoughts – however, that can be a burden as well. It’s not always good to have your children hear your thoughts or visa versa. Make sure you have your boundaries and circle of protection around you and your children. Our minds are not open to the public and it’s kind of a no-no to snoop into people thoughts on purpose also.

      I’m sure you got this and I wish you were on facebook so we could chat some more!

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