Today, I Wake Up With Unmeasurable Clarity


If I had to put into words all that happen the last week or two, you’d either say I needed a shrink or to take some serious time away from my metaphysical world. This is how the Spirit world connects with us, in puzzles, odd pictures, way too many synchronicities and so much more that is difficult to put into words for the average mind to comprehend.

But that’s ok. I’m not here to convince you of anything that I’ve seen, heard, felt or finally come to realize but over time, you’ll be able to tell by my writings.

I wake up today with a calm and clarity that is unmeasurable. Is it a conceit of saying “oh I got this so watch out, here I come!” No. Not at all.

  • It’s a place where all things start. A place where all good comes from and once you find that sweet spot, there is no going back.
  • It’s a feeling of lying down in your bed after a really, really long day.
  • It’s the feeling knowing that your  baby will be ok after an illness and the Doctor says he’ll be just fine.
  • It’s the feeling you get inside when you see puppies prancing around for the first time with their favorite toy.
  • It’s the feeling you get when you look into a room of all your family as they laugh, share food, hold hands, tells stories and just be.
  • What is that feeling?


It’s love but not the Valentine’s Day romantic kind of love. It’s the feeling that deep down in your heart, you can feel, trust and finally know yourself and where you’re going.

I’ve had many questions about my path, that oddly enough just started to intensify about a year ago. Many of those questions have been answered. Many of my questions remain however, I know where to find the answers when they arise.

I don’t have to go far because it’s in my heart. Always was, always will be.

3 thoughts on “Today, I Wake Up With Unmeasurable Clarity

  1. Yes, I agree, I have been going through some of this myself. It started when I was very young but it intensified about 15 years or so and lately seems that I have such a big connection that I get answers so fast that I surprise myself LOL I have also had been blessed to find Chris a few years ago and she is an amazing angel.
    I have also been having many dreams, clear ones. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. Love and light Donna.

    • Oh good for you Delia – and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      I also know that the full moon this week had a big role to play in all this. I’ve been tracking the moon phases and see a pattern of activity when it is full.

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