Will I Find Love? A Reading To Find Answers


This is one of the questions that seem to be popular in readings and one of the most difficult to answer. Not that I don’t see the answer but it’s hard to set the fate of someone who is looking for love when I see the turnout as grim. 

I was invited to a friends house last night and as I was leaving the my house, I felt I should bring my cards because I “had a feeling” I was going to be asked to do a reading. Which is fine.

On one hand, sure, this would be fun but on the other hand I was going to hang with a friend and not so enthusiastic to be on the clock so to speak – but it is what it is and it’s actually good practice for me.

Just as my hands were on my Angel Chatter cards before I left my house, I said no, I don’t need a tool to give a reading so the cards stayed home. I felt the insecurity of not having my cards with me, after all, that is how my Angels talk to me – at least one of the ways.

There were a few girls at my friends house and I was wondering which one would want a reading. I picked up nothing.

Later that evening another friend stopped by. As soon as she sat down I saw a plaid pattern pop up in my head and ironically, she is of Scottish decent so that was a great connection. She is the one that I’ll be reading.

I put the plaid image aside in my head and later my friend (thanks M******, you crack me up!!) puts me on the spot and asks if I can read Kathy (not her real name). I’m now kicking myself in my butt for not bringing my favorite Oracle cards for clarity.

So a little panic set in because I now had to rely on myself without any tools. Can I do this?

I’m such a knuckled head!!!!! Did I just not get an amazing message from my Angels about clarity just yesterday? Yes. I did. So I put my big girl pants on and agreed to do a reading for Kathy – cold.

I already had the image of plaid in my mind but didn’t know how it was going to tie in until I heard her question.

“What would you like to ask your Angels Kathy?”

“My husband passed away almost three years ago and I’d like to know if I’d find love again?”

My heart sank.

Could she not just ask if she should ask for more money at her job or if she will win the next lottery or did she make the right decision about her career path?

So still having my big girl pants on, I agreed to do a reading for her – with pleasure.

My friend happen to have her brand new Oracle cards with her and asked if I wanted to use them. I never want to use anyone’s cards because my energy is not  infused in them and it’s just weird to share cards but – Kathy’s Angels will send her a message whether I’m using my cards, M******* cards or if I’m using tea leaves – it didn’t matter. What matters is my connection to the Angelic Realm which I KNOW is very strong. So forward I went.

As I’m shuffling these foreign cards in my hand I’m now thinking about Kathy’s question about love and now pulled the image of the plaid forward that I saw earlier. Let’s do this Angels, what is your message for Kathy. Will she find love again? Will it be soon?

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I see a scale, like the old fashioned kind that can tip left of tip right. The scale showed balance neither tipping to the left or to the right.


I also pulled a card and it was called SERENE I think, and it had to do with finding abundance of money, saying just ask the Angels and you will receive – basically. Really nothing to do with love and I didn’t want to make it fit into by turning it around and saying that “you’ll find an abundance of love in the future thus making you rich in love.”

Could I have said that? Sure. But that is reading into and relying on the card which I do NOT do. I only read what I SEE (Clairvoyant) and only if I FEEL that the card confirms what I say, I will speak it.

I didn’t take a picture of the card but the Angel that appeared was on it was facing front, with her arms out almost in a shrug like position ask it to say, “I don’t know, it can go either way, shrug.” I looked at the position of the Angel then looked at the scale in my  mind and it was the same shape.


The center part of my scale was the main body of the Angel and the each scale was her arms in the shrug position and THAT was the image that I was ok to share.

Now before I was going to share that information I had to figure out what the plaid image was all about. Oh why do the Angels speak in puzzles?

“Can’t you just tell me the answer in one sentence?”

Nah, that wouldn’t be any fun. Angels will give me messages based on the abilities I have and “seeing” is one of my strong ones so images it is!

Back to the plaid.

Being a Color Expert by profession, color is my thing. So what color was the plaid? It was not the typical color scheme you’d think of when you see plaid, it was gray and pink – very pretty actually.

I had to decipher what these colors meant and to me, it was very clear.

Without going into a big color lesson here, this is what it means:

  • Gray is neither black or white. It’s in the middle much like a balanced scale
  • Pink is half red half white (scale reference again) and also symbolizes love

So it was clear to me and confirmed by the scale image when I saw the gray. The pink color of the plaid pattern wove in and out of the gray like a weave which tells me yes and no, again very much like the balance of a scale – it can go either way, both and neither.

That was too generic of an answer for me!!!!!! I then asked my Angels for more clarity and got it. The great thing about these readings is if I don’t understand an image they give me, I can ask to more information and I’ll get it.

I was then shown a single, solitaire diamond. That’s good!!!! It’s an engagement ring right???? Wrong.

Before any words come out of my mouth I make sure I’m 110% sure of the message. I asked for MORE clarity on this diamond and saw the word SOLITAIRE – as in ONE, as in SINGLE. Sad face.

So, should I pretend that it means an engagement or tell her what the real message was?

I’m sure many Readers would make sure that their clients are always left with a happy reading, which is fine – that is their business. My business is to give my clients the message that THEIR Angels have for them. Always.

So what was my final answer?

Will you find love? Maybe. It’s not a definite yes or a no (scale.)  It’s a maybe with both yes and no. You’ll be meeting and or dating for a while (the plaid) but will it pan out to a long time love? Not at this time (Solitaire diamond.)

And I’m 110% sure of my answer based on all the Detective work I did to find out.

Oh and by the way, during the night when us girls were “playing around” with the new deck of cards, that same SERENE card was pulled three times. How’s THAT for a confirmative?

8 thoughts on “Will I Find Love? A Reading To Find Answers

  1. Great post, Donna. 🙂 Right now the only person who asks me about her love life is my mother, sadly true. In fact, she doesn’t exactly ask, she tells me to ask my guides to find her a partner. “That’s a flat out NO” is the absolute and unchanging answer to that. The thing is, I’ve noticed with her, and others at least on an energetic level, love is one of those things that you can’t ask for; it isn’t like money or career opportunities, etc, because it originates out of self-love. If a person is resentful and bitter about life, doesn’t like herself, can’t say kind things to herself when she looks in the mirror, finding true love is almost impossible. If a person is trying to seek love outside herself to fill the gaps of love inside, it’s going to be a disaster, and it’s a blessing when a person is allowed the space to work through this before meeting anyone. Those are just the obvious examples of when finding love isn’t going to occur in the near future, but there are less extreme and just as powerful reasons as well. I empathize with how awkward it is to have to break this to a person– I seem to get the “maybe” answer very often,like you do, and it’s in part because it has so much to do with the person asking and the changes she may or may not make in herself, that it’s never clear what will happen. I love how you piece all your images together, by the way. You really have a gift for that. 🙂

    • Eilis, it’s interesting that you mentioned the “self love” because that was one of the side notes I mentioned as well. Love will not come from out unless it comes from in first. Thank you for the wonderful comment ❤

  2. Yikes. That’s a bit depressing. Does it mean that she will NEVER find love again? I ask because the women on one side of my family have been “unable” to get married on one side of my family for generations. I’m willing to do just about anything to get married and break this “Curse”. Why would my Angels be blocking me from Love? It’s the only thing I want in this life. Wouldn’t wanting Love be “better” than wanting material items?

    • No, certainly not. It just means that she is not going to find love based on the question she asked me. When you are in a reading, you need to ask VERY specific questions to get the answers you are seeking.

      Your Angels are not blocking you from love – YOU are. May I make a suggestion? Change your mindset. Use these mantras (words or sentences that have power and vibration)

      I will find love this summer.
      I AM a beautiful bride.
      I will meet my Husband this year.

      Change your mindset and vibration. Your Angels want to help but make yourself shine from your heart and BELIEVE it in your heart and it will manifest. I promise this.

      Going back to the person I did the reading for – I asked her if she was ready for love and she hesitated to answer. I knew that in her heart, she was not ready yet and that is why I saw the Solitaire diamond.

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