Ego, You Can Be A Troublemaker!!!

Oh ego, ego ego. You rear your ugly head and ruin everything. Ego is a hard thing to put aside in the Spiritual world and many people get wrapped up in theirs. Keep in mind, there is no “I” in the word TEACH.


I am by far a Teacher but I do have stories to share that I believe will be beneficial to other people who are seeking answers, that is one of the reasons I started this blog.

We are all here to learn and I enjoy reading other blogs and learning about what other people experience and know. We are all here to teach and share with each other. However, there are a few people who come across as not only a Teacher but a Principle – and that’s when the learning and fun stops.

No one likes to be spoken to like a child or scolded if our words don’t come out the way we mean them to. We also should be able to express our points of view while we are in a learning process. However, when the “Teacher” whips out that virtual ruler and starts hand slapping, I’m outta that class! And that my friends, is a really big no-no.

Ego is the #1 monster that we have to deal with when we walk this path. It’s VERY hard to put our thoughts aside and let the thoughts and feelings from our heart speak first. I get this. Every now and then everyone’s ego rears it’s ugly head and that’s fine, we are all human but there is a cut off point when “I” needs to turn into “we.”

  • WE are here for each other.
  • WE are here to learn from each other.
  • We are here to help each other.
  • We are here to love each other.

When ego takes center stage, there is no room for WE anywhere. It’s all about YOU and that’s not cool – ever.



2 thoughts on “Ego, You Can Be A Troublemaker!!!

  1. I completely agree Donna. It’s hard to get my small self/ego to continue to hang out in the back seat all the time. I’m struggling with it right now as I am applying to be a teacher in the physical world, and I notice I tend to either be completely self-deprecating and tear myself down or get somewhat overbearing and have to back off how I present things. I was convinced that the comment about being a guide and not a teacher was put to me, really egotistical, right? Probably had nothing to do with me at all. I don’t even like to use the word teacher for myself as a spiritual person. I have nothing to teach. I have everything to learn, I have a life to live and experiences to share, and if others get something helpful from that, well, I won’t lie, I love when that happens. But I can be wrong! And I was just about to say, no one should ever follow another person–as if I could say so for everyone. Haha! The ego traps are everywhere.

    • I love your innocence Eilis and just by your comment here, you clearly don’t walk in ego. You pull back your reigns just to make sure your words don’t offend anyone – more people should be so considerate. And yes, I see you as a teacher!

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