Let Me Show You How I Do Card Readings

This video was made because I just did 25 free readings for a Angel course that I’m taking. My 25 volunteers are from a Facebook group but I also wanted to share it with you to show you how I conduct my readings and how the Angels show me there answers.

I will soon be offering Angel Card readings here on my site so check back later for details if you are interested

4 thoughts on “Let Me Show You How I Do Card Readings

    • Wasn’t that great? Oh those readings were amazing and I can’t thank the volunteers enough for making it happen. If I didn’t have them in my Facebook group those readings would have taken months to do! I’ve learned so much 🙂 Thanks Nancy.

  1. Donna, I stumbled upon your website because I’m trying to decide what to do about paint colors for my home. Still deciding, but I then looked at your Angel 234 blog and listened to this video and was very intrigued. I’ve never done anything like this before and was very interested. Would you be willing to do a reading for me? What would your fee be? Thanks!

    • And that’s how the Angels work Leann. You think you’re going one way but they lead you to another place … and it’s for a reason.

      Funny you should ask about this service, and yes as you see from the video I’ve done a few, I had a dream that told me to hurry and get this service going but I just didn’t have time yet. My other blog, the 1st one you landed on, is keeping me VERY busy. You are yet another nudge from my Angels to get this going and I thank you for it.

      I have a service that includes a reading and painting of your Angels for $111. You can see the link here but also in the blue tab above. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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