Why Do I Keep Getting The Same Card Over and Over Again?


Are the messages from my Angels THAT strong? Why do I keep pulling the same card over and over again? 

Just yesterday as I was doing my morning rituals I pulled a card, read it and went about my day. Today, same thing. Got up, did the same thing I do everyday as part of my morning ritual and THE SAME CARD CAME UP FOR ME.

I don’t know about you but when I shuffle my cards – and there’s 44 cards in my Angel Oracle deck, and the SAME card shows up two days in a row, there is a BIG message there. But what is it?

Let’s analyze the card.

Archangel Chamuel translates to “He Who See’s God” so I’m taking this card VERY seriously. If I’m getting messages from an Angel who sees God, then you better be darn sure I’m going to think about this very carefully.

Chamuel is also the Angel who oversees the Heart Chakra so this is a loving message and all about the heart. But let’s dig deeper.

This card is all about self love so why is she telling me that I am worthy? What am I or should I be doing that is a little off?

I do the same thing everyday. Work, write, facebook, paintings, family stuff, quiet time (empty nesting is awesome) and I feel I have a great balance. So why is Chamuel so adamant about telling me I’m worthy?

Think, think, think, think.

What is off with my relationship with myself?

Trust me when I tell you that I treat myself well and I don’t lack for anything. This is a real head scratcher and I don’t have the answers … at least not today.

I know I should meditate about this or even ask Chamuel for answers and I plan on doing that but meanwhile, there is just something that I’m just not seeing here.

To be continued.


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