Angels Love Helping You Find Things

angels-love-jewelryThis is just a quick post but had to share. I’m going out tonight with friends and I wanted to wear a thumb ring that I ALWAYS wear but – it’s been MIA for a few weeks. Not fretting, I thought to myself that it will eventually show up and I’m sure that’s it in the house some where, after all this was a ring that I wear ALL the time.I’m about to leave the house and I’m on the 2nd floor of my house heading down the stairs saying to myself, “I sure would love to wear my thumb ring tonight but I have no idea where it is.” I start descending the stairs and I hear, “go look on your end table UNDER the mat. Your ring is there.”

I stopped mid stairs, turned around and back in my bedroom I went. I walked over to my end table and lifted up the place matt and guess what I found????

My ring. There is was. Right where they said it would be. I smiled and thanked them.

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