Some Of The Worst Questions You Can Ask In A Reading


For the most part I find it very easy to connect with the Angelic Realm to do a card reading for someone. How do these readings start? With a question. Come read the type of questions to avoid if your want a successful card reading.

I shouldn’t say successful – they all are because no matter what you ask, you will get an answer from your Angels BUT it may not be the answer you are looking for.

Also keep in mind that Angels will NEVER tell you what to do but will make suggestions to nudge you. Free will is up to you.

You wouldn’t believe some of the beautiful words and messages that I get when I do these readings. It’s as if they were standing right next to me, talking right in my ear. It’s that clear and precise. However, once in a while someone will ask what is known as an open ended question. When you ask this type of question, the answers you get back are more generalized and what I call “floaty.” What are some of these floated questions? Here’s some that I’ve come across so far:

• What is my path?

• Will I fall in love again?

• Will I make money?

• Will I find my joy?

These are all VERY general questions and the answers to these questions are also going to be general. So try to be specific when thinking about your quesitons. I’m not going to tell you what questions you should ask because via connecting with the Angels, they will tell me something regardless of what you ask.

Also in readings, some Angels are very chatty and sometime focus on one aspect of YOU that you didn’t even ask about. Don’t shoot the middle man (me) when that happens. Angels want to tell you all kinds of things and they sometimes take a unique twist in doing so.

So enjoy your reading, keep an open mind and most importantly, listen to what they are suggestion to you.

If you are interested in a Oracle Angel Card reading from me, they cost $111 and I usually include a 12″x12″ painting so you can also have a visual of your reading. You can find out more about that painting service here.


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