My Angel Painting: It’s All About Metatron


I have a service that I LOVE – it’s Spiritual Paintings and I’ve done quite a few already. The other week I was saying to myself, I wonder what MY Spiritual Painting would look like – so I hit the canvas.

My painting was really hard to photograph because it was mostly white with purple and blue glitter. There is also some gold and silver glitter but mostly purple and blue.

As you know, since color is my world, the colors that I see have significant meaning. So I’d like to explain what my painting is all about.


Purple: As I mentioned, there is purple and blue. Purple is a very Spiritual color and for me, it’s all about the Crown Chakra and connecting me to the Divine and my Higher Self. It’s not wonder that purple is the dominant hue in my painting. This would be my connection to Archangel Zadkiel.

Blue: Indigo or Sapphire blue is the hue that I see most of the time. I see it with my eyes closed and open. This blue is Archangel Michael 100% and I know that he is by my side all the time so again, no surprise that blue is also in my painting.

Glitter: It’s hard to see in this painting but if you look closely you will see both gold and silver glitter. What does that mean? When I see gold and silver glitter, I know that my Ascended Masters are present. So again, I’m glad that I saw gold and silver glitter also in my painting.

Iridescence: The overall look of this painting is all about the glitter, shine and iridescence that was very difficult to capture in a painting but this is the best I could do. Iridescence is all about Archangel Metatron, another Angel that I have a VERY strong connection to. He is all about connecting us to our Spiritual Path and to keep us on track for our life’s mission. His chakra is the Soul Star Chakra and all about “the gateway to the soul.” This gateway allows deeper information to flow to you so it no wonder, that he is my #1 Archangel. What are his colors you ask? That is where the iridescence comes in. His colors are similar to all the colors that you’d see in the facets of a diamond – the diamond has many colors yet it is clear. Metatron is also about balance and helps keep you true to yourself. He’s really so much more but in a nutshell, this is a good summary.

The shape: See that odd shape in the painting? That shape was giving to me by Archangel Metatron one day – along with about 10 other shapes. It’s not exactly the same shape I saw but this is how I saw it to translate it to painting. I still have yet to find out what it means and how to use it. I’m sure with time, I’ll find out.

So there you have it! For one person who is all about the color, my Angel painting, has very little color but a whole lot of meaning.

Want an Angel Painting for yourself? It’s a service I offer and you can find out all about that here.



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