How To Talk To Angels. Learn To Communicate With Your Angels The Easy Way

how-to-talk-to-angels.005It seems that most of us want to learn to talk to our Angels and Spirit Guides but just don’t know how. Do you know that they are talking to us most of the time but you may not be listening? I’ll tell you how easy talking to your Angels can be.

Just about any Angel Intuitive you ask will say the same thing. They’ll say:

  • You’ll be able to hear them – Clairaudience
  • You’ll be able to see them – Clairvoyance
  • You’ll just know it – Claircognizant
  • You’ll feel them – Clairsentient
  • You’ll see them in a dream
  • You’ll find feathers
  • You’ll hear a song that reminds you of someone
  • You’ll notice many synchronicities


These are ALL ways that you can talk to your Angels and how your Angels communicate with you, but is there more? Yes.

If you’re like me, you want instant advice and even quicker results. Well if you want this in a New York minute it’s not going to happen. Time is a strange concept when it comes to communicating with Angels. It’s like time doesn’t exist and in it’s place, is experience.

I know because this is how my life goes. There are many ebbs and flows and boy do I get frustrated when there’s a “down time.” Why aren’t my Angels talking to me???? Well it so happens that they are, there’s just no marching band when they do – not always.

Also, why do your Angels have to talk to you everyday anyway? They don’t. We have it backwards. They are here for us when we need them not to entertain us every minute of the day. They will pop in unexpectibly when they feel they need to tell us something or somehow nudge us to pay attention to something. That “something” will either help us in some way or help others.

Angels whisper. They communicate with us in very subtle quite ways, most of the time. Having studied Angels and also speaking to them on a daily basis, I KNOW that there are Angels that are quiet and some that are very chatty. Some are loud and forward, some have a sense of humor and some are very direct. This sounds crazy right? Sure it does and I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience this first hand. This is where time comes in. It takes time to figure all this stuff out. They are not going to come in like a bull in a china shop and play show and tell. They float in when the time is right and – that takes time. I’ve learned to like the word “patience” because they tell me that all the time. Also, when they have an urgency to tell me something, they let me know by showing me things – over and over again until I get it.

For example, every morning I pull a card for myself and for a while there, the SAME card was showing almost everyday. Now what are the odds of that? I have a deck of 44 and I shuffle them well before I pull one card. Having the same card show up 4/5 times, is a strong message. Pay attention to that. Once you get the message (and I did) – it stops.


I know you’re now asking “well how does she know she’s talking to Angels?” Because that’s who I choose to talk to. I set my intentions everyday to ONLY communicate with Angels, my Spirit Team, Guides my Ascended Masters or once in a while some passed love ones. So mostly, it’s Angels and you can tell who your speaking to or who is connecting with you by the way it feels.

It’s the difference between ordering a burger from McDonald’s or eating a prime rib. It’s all food but the experience is way different – and you just know right? You know right off that bat that if you eat that fast food burger you’re not going to be hungry anymore but probably feel a little gross from all that grease and calories. Now, the second you bite into that prime rib with a little garlic mashed potatoes on top it’s heavenly right? Those are the same feelings I get when I sense Angels around. I can tell if it’s just a burger or a prime rib and this my friends, takes some time to know and understand.

So enough of that. I told you I was going to show you a really easy way to communicate with them and how to do it.

1First of all, get your head in the right place. You don’t have to meditate although that will certainly help. I know some of you don’t know how to meditate or don’t have the time, candles or crystals which I totally understand. You don’t need all that BUT I will tell you that meditation will make the connection stronger and it’s just a nice prerequisite.

The factor that is really, really important here is your mindset. You have to WANT to connect with your Angels, not just like a game but deep down really want this. You can’t start by saying to yourself. “oh I’m going to talk to my Angels today and when I do, I’m gonna tell all my friends what they said and that I can do this!!!” Not gonna work because that is what’s called EGO. Nothing, nothing ever works when EGO is involved so know that now. And let me tell you this, it takes a LONG time (there’s that time thing again) to know how to let go of ego and to clear your head.

2So now you have your head in the right place and you’re ready to connect – but how do you do it? Where do you go? What music do you play? What will you see? Hear? Feel? Now is the time to chill out and stop asking all these questions because there is just ONE thing and ONE thing only that is a huge factor is all this … and it’s YOU.

3You don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to read, know, search or ask anyone what to do because all the answers and connection is right in front of you – and it’s you. Ever hear the expression, “my body is my temple?” Well take that one step further and know that you, your mind, body and spirit is all you need to connect with your Angels. No books, no candles no lists of what or what not to do – just you. Sit with yourself and know your questions. Know that right by your side, are your Spirit Guides which have been there since you were born. Know that they are there with you and all you have to do is just talk. That is all you have to do. You can talk out loud or in your mind while you nap, rest, walk outside – where ever – just talk.


Now that you have the attention of your Angels because you’ve chatted with them, wait for their answer. You may get it quickly (which is a knowing to your own question as soon as the question leaves your head) or you will get an idea that just pops in your head at the strangest most inconvenient times – and trust me when I tell you their timing stinks. For me, it’s usually in the shower, on the toilet, at 2:34 am (hello – the name of my blog????) or when you least except it like during happy hour hanging with your friends, at a restaurant  (yes, I was Divinely guided many times while dining or at a bar with my hubs) so be ready – because like I said, your Angels don’t recognize TIME. Pay attention to all the things I listed in the beginning of this blog in bullets because that is how they will connect with you -for the most part. There are other ways – just read this blog and you’ll see for yourself how they connect with me.

So there you have it – I narrowed it down to 4 easy steps and honestly, this is all you have to do. This works for me and took me a good year of solid trial and error to figure this out so you all have a jump start.

My advice? Clear your mind, open your heart and listen. That is all you have to do – I promise 🙂




4 thoughts on “How To Talk To Angels. Learn To Communicate With Your Angels The Easy Way

    • Awe! Thank you Eloise – I like getting to the point because I know how frustrating it can be when you’re looking for information and have to go through a lot of “fluff” – I’m fluffless ! ❤

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