Spiritual Armor: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?


I’ve been hearing a lot about people asking for or needing Spiritual Armor. I myself never heard of it until several months ago. I also realized the true meaning of all this armor.

One person said hers wasn’t working right and when I connected with her I saw that she had cracks in her “protective armor.” Some strong stuff had to be going on there for that to happen – but I didn’t ask nor did I want to know. Just got a yucky feeling and then realized, why her armor was cracked, and it was not good.

Recently, a good energy friend of mine asked if I could paint her Spiritual Armor for her and I did. I connected with here energy and immediately saw her beautiful armor. The colors were gorgeous and the feeling and energy – even better. Here are a few snip-its of the painting.

spiritual-armor.1 spiritual-armor.3 spiritual-armor.4 spiritual-armor

The reason I am only showing snip-its of the painting is because the painting was really hard to photograph. I did use some iridescent colors which didn’t help but there was not one angle that I shot from where this painting looked like is did in real life – it photographed really bad!

This was a head scratcher and got me thinking about all this Spiritual Armor. We all need protecting in the Metaphysical world depending on what are gifts are, some of us need more than others.

I also realized that this armor was so strong that it didn’t even let me photograph it properly because it’s already protecting the person that this painting is going to – and that was awesome when I realized that!!!!! (Bernadette, you are one lucky gal to have such a powerful armor!)

So I looked at the design of this armor and realized that it covers very little of the actual body. It just covers the breast plate. What kind of armor is that leaving the rest of the body exposed?


Spiritual armor is not to physically shield and protect us but it is used to SUPPORT us. As you may be able to see in the painting, this armor just covers the center of the body – where the heart is – leaving the rest of the body open. Open? Yes!!!

“We should never PULL IN and feel we need to hide and protect ourselves from the “boogie man” but to SUPPORT OUR HEARTS in knowing that we walk in Light and Love and ALWAYS have the power of the Divine with us … and that is all the armor that we need.”

If you feel that you need a head to toe titanium full body armor to protect yourself, you may need to rethink what it is that you’re doing that you need protecting from.

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Armor: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

  1. Interesting. I’ve never noticed that of a person before, that’s very neat that you can see the light protecting people, in all its colors. Sometimes I do feel like I need some full body armor, but to be honest it is always, only, when I don’t think the physical world is safe, am not sure how to navigate it, and run into really creepy folks. This happened to me recently– in that case my “armor” consisted of saying no and ending contact. I feel pretty good at protecting myself psychically from most physical people, and my guides help me immensely, and sometimes I’m overwhelmed, done, depleted, and will defend my sacred space wildly if I have to. Sometimes, when the physical world is a total mess, my armor just becomes walking away, refusing to participate or consciously take in the mess. Sometimes that’s the best thing I can do.

    • Hi Eilis – yes that’s one of my amazing gifts is to be able to see color around people – and they don’t have to be present for me to see it.

      The armor is an interesting thing. Armor for me, is not made of any hard material but it is ever present when I get in my heart and push out more love then the negative people can take – like opposite magnets, and it works like a charm!!!!

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