A Message From A King

I had a dream the other night of man. He wore a red velvet cape that was edged with gold filigree and he was of great stature. He put his hands on my Crown and Throat Chakra and held them there for a bit. His hands were so soft and warm – I could FEEL it in my dream.


After the man gently placed his hands on my head and throat, I then turned away and there was a person who was sick just in the horizon. I then placed my hands on them and healed him.

Is this how new gifts are received?

Just yesterday I was thinking about this dream and decided to pull an Angel card for clarification. In my mind I already saw the card but still went through the shuffle as I asked my Angels “What was this man all about?”

I pulled the card that was already in my mind.

The Angels told me that this was a message of Reiki, healing and it was or is about to me, a big part of my life … and I’m ok with that.


6 thoughts on “A Message From A King

  1. I had an interesting dream nite before last- I was clawing my way up a steep cliff JUST reaching the top, and I was aware that I had been doing this for maybe eons (people tell me I have a VERY old soul) and the message I got from this wasn’t so much about the teachings of The Secret, or Ask and Receive (altho worldly success is great), it was all about BELIEVING, and the belief is in YOURSELF as the omnipotent part of God- It was like we still have NO idea of how powerful the Inner Divine in us REALLY is. I pulled a couple of Angel cards to confirm what Spirit was attempting to tell me, and Haniel and “Loving Truth” came up, to remember to speak my truth in love, and also Michael’s “Embrace” card, to “Welcome ALL aspects of your Glorious, Radiant, Loving Self”- It’s time to accept our power and use it, yes?!

    • What a great message Kathy!!! It’s one thing to tell someone about your dream because they will give you their interpretation but it is so about what YOU feel it means and to me, sounds like you nailed it.

      Like I mentioned in my post here, I truly believe that a gift of healing was given to me to share. Reiki is #1 in my life now and so much revolves around it. This is all a learning process for me but again, I always “trust my gut” (Solar Plexus reference here) and also follow my heart as to what it means.

      Thanks for posting ❤

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