When Your Chakra Has A Tear In It, Send Reiki To The Rescue!

This morning while I was checking my chakras they all seemed ok except for my 3rd Eye Charka. When I glanced at it I noticed it had a tear in it! A tear? Can chakras tear? Apparently they can.


It was a nice indigo blue so that was good but where did the tear come from? I’ve seen spots on my chakras before and cleaned them up but this was the first time I saw a tear.

Before anything else, the first thing to do is repair the tear. Not ever seeing this before I thought for a minute and wondered how I was going to go about sewing this chakra up – then in a NY second it dawned on me – Reiki!!!!

How else would I repair a torn chakra anyway? I’ve never seen it before therefore I didn’t know how to fix it but I do know, that Reiki is VERY powerful so without a second thought, I sent Reiki to the rescue.

As Reiki was doing it’s thing, I could see the tear disappearing before my eyes – all three of them (little chakra joke there.)

This all took place in about a minute at the most. Now my question goes back to asking, “how did my chakra rip in the first place?”

It wasn’t a crack like I’ve seen in some Spiritual armor, it was clearly a tear. Was it something I saw that was so big, so powerful that it was too much for my 3rd Eye?

Now that I think of it, the other night I had a dream – it was a good dream of a King. If you read my post I clearly said when describing the King that he was a man of large stature.

So, my gut feeling (thank you Solar Plexus) is saying that whoever that King was in my dream the other night was so powerful and wonderful that it was nearly too much for my eyes.

Be sure to check you chakras daily because you don’t want to walk around with your chakras in dirty, ripped or unbalanced because that is when you’ll start to feel off or even get sick. Keep them clean, spinning to the right and nice and colorful! If you need to fix them, you now know that you can send Reiki to the rescue.

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