What Is My Path?

I remember this question was asked during an Oracle card reading I did once and feeling annoyed because it was such a general question. Today, I find myself asking the same question.


So much as happened since I started walking this path just a little over a year ago. I mean this has been my path most of my life but it was only been since the past year that it’s come to a head.

After a while one asks the question, “What is my path?” because it sure would be great to have a focus, especially when so many directions call me.

  • What can my path be?
  • Healing paintings?
  • Oracle card reading?
  • Reiki?
  • Chakra cleaning and balancing?
  • Teaching workshops?

These options all sound wonderful and it’s what I’ve been doing but there comes a time when one needs to focus and it’s called a Plateau.

“Is there ONE specific thing that I should be doing? What is my path?”

And so the question goes.

This morning while I was taking my shower (most of my messages come while I’m in the shower or bathtub) and thinking about this I was also contemplating my advancement to Reiki Teacher/Master. Is this something I should do? Who will do this attunement for me?

Oh the questions!!!!!!!!!

As I was thinking about all this in my 5 minute shower, I had a vision. It was a pair of healing hands held over my head. What does this mean?

  • Does it mean that I should be doing just Reiki?
  • Does it mean that I was given the answer if I just thought about it a little more?
  • Does it mean just healing in some form?

So back to my question, “What IS my path?”

Answer: I feel I’m getting close to knowing the answer – just not yet.

5 thoughts on “What Is My Path?

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing, you’re certainly not alone. At least you are doing some things that could give you an income, I have not figured that out yet. But I’ll have to, soon.

    • Eilis, so I’m finding, there are things you can do to bring in an income and still walk your Spiritual path. I see some people selling herbal wands, holding classes and as for myself, I am doing well selling my Spiritual paintings. I know that I’ll be adding a service for chakra cleaning and balancing but the time is not right yet. I guess the answer is to find something that you are really good (and love) and give it a Spiritual twist. That is how you’ll stand out from the rest.

  2. I wonder why you feel it only has to be one thing? Why not do all of the things you are doing and loving? I think of the programming we have that we “have to have one career” well why can’t you make a living and live your spiritual life doing ALL of the things you love? Why does it have to be one or the other? ❤

    • and you bring up a good point – I guess it doesn’t nor it shouldn’t. This is why I love this blog – and my readers. It’s YOU that gives me advice when I need it. Thank you love ❤

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