It’s An Angel Intervention! A New Service Just Flew In


There are times when we all feel like we’ve walked through a wind storm with everything blowing every which way and things are up, down and all around – you know that feeling right? Well so. do. I.

I wrote a journal post yesterday about which path should I take and I “had” so many questions!!!! Confusion set in and uncertainties – what should I do????? 

I certainly don’t want to make wrong or quick decisions about anything let alone what I should be doing and how.

So less than 24 hours after I wrote my post about questions that I had, the Angels came in so fast it nearly took my head off.

Let me back up just a little. Months ago, it was very easy to SEE Angels and Spirits and all that other wonderful, magical stuff in the Metaphysical world. However, I noticed a shift in me. It’s not that I don’t SEE that anymore it’s that I’m seeing it AND feeling it on a much deeper level. I’m finding out and this is a time of adjustment for me.

When I have questions, the Angels answer loud and clear – and fast too!

The past several days I’ve had a fairly big decision to make. I of course went right to my Angels for the answers and answers they gave me.

I’ve gotten a tremendous support from friends ( I 💜you BC) via phone calls, text messages, facebook comments and just an energy that I can feel from them. I’ve seen signs from feathers floating around to those coins on the floor. I’ve heard songs that contain messages in their song titles and body chills galore when it’s all warm and toasty in the house.

I’ve seen images in my dreams and while awake, that I cannot ignore. They are VERY specific and VERY clear.

All my my senses are at full throttle while processing all this and I trust them (the Clairs) 110%.

So what’s this all about? Healing.

I am going full force with healing but it’s in a non conventional form.

First off, I will be focusing on my Angel paintings. These paintings are so very powerful with the messages that they hold that it’s indescribable when I paint them. As a matter of fact I started a painting today for someone (and my clients are now ordering paintings that they haven’t seen yet because they know what they are all about) and the vision in my mind is so incredibly beautiful that I can only pray that I am able to transfer that image onto canvas. The Angels even give me titles for these paintings!

Secondly, I will be offering a new service and it’s going to be all about the Charkas. I see chakras really well so I will be viewing clients chakras and seeing where they need to be cleaned, balanced, spun, repaired, healed and infused with more color. I still have yet to develop and word this properly for my blog but this is the gist of it.

And this feels so right and a perfect fit for me!!!!

Hello, my name is Donna Frasca and I’m an Angel Intuitive 😇

6 thoughts on “It’s An Angel Intervention! A New Service Just Flew In

  1. Dearest Donna, I felt like a young child when I accepted my package from the letter carrier. I placed the package on the middle of the table. I wanted to have everything I needed. I watched as my Spirit Cat, Harley, gingerly sat his 8 lb. body on top of the box. I had to gently moved him. He moved aside and watched as I opened up “Chamuel’s Kiss.” Donna, words cannot express the comfort, peace, and joy your beautiful painting has given me. Donna painted Archangel Chamuel after speaking with me. She is traveling next week with me to spend time with my dying Mom. Much Love, Jean

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