Learn To Trust Yourself! A Meditation To Learn How To Find YOU

If there is anything in this world that will hold us back, it’s not trusting ourselves enough to move forward.

We’ve all been there, we think it’s right, but we doubt ourselves only to find out that, yup, we were right! Then BAM! There goes the hand slap to the head saying “I knew it!!!!!”

Been there? We all have. Trust

It takes a big leap of faith in ourselves to take that one giant step forward and say “I got this.” Stand strong in your Solar Plexus and trust in YOU! Stand behind yourself as you take those steps forward and you listen to your intuition. 

If you want to progress in your Spiritual world, not only do you need to trust yourself but you need to trust your Angels. They are here to guide and direct. Sometimes their “suggestions” or so subtle that yes, you will miss them but then there are times where their messages can take your breath away.


Sit down with yourself tonight. Open a window and listen to the birds and take the air in. If it’s too noisy outside, put your favorite meditation music on and just be with yourself.

If you have a candle or essential oil warmer or spray, use it.

Find a place in your home where you can relax. It can be in a chair, a spot on the floor, lying down somewhere or even sitting outside in your yard. Anywhere it’s quite and it feels right to you. I love sitting in my yard at dusk, facing West.

Breathe. Take a few deep inhales and exhales. Relax your neck and let your body go limp. No tight muscles.

Close your eyes. Now get in your head. Wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness of closed eyes. What do you see? For me, I see colors and shapes. Blues, greens, angel wings – all kinds of stuff. Take note of what you see and give it time, a few minutes for your eyes to “start seeing.”

See what the cards says? “Open your heart.” You’ve heard me say this many times before.  Everything starts from the heart.

What does that mean? It means to FEEL. What do you feel? Take a few moments to let your body just be. Take note of any sensations or thoughts you may have while you also notice images in your eyes.

These images with closed eyes can be subtle or can be like a fast moving movie so just keep watching. When I first started meditating I always saw an eye. Yes it freaked me out but now I realize that eye was my “insight” to what my strongest gift is and that’s Clairvoyance.

Meditate as long as you feel you need to. It can be 5 minutes, 30 or an hour. When you feel you are done, slowly open your eyes and do a few more deep breaths. How do you feel? Write it all down.

Do this meditation every day and write everything down. You will begin to see a pattern in both the colors and the images that you see. That will be the key to who you are. That will be the information that your Angels are giving you – a little everyday – as a gift to you. That my friends, is how they communicate with you and it how you find out who you are and what your path will be. Trust it. It’s yours.

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