When I’m Feeling So Low, Can My Vibration Be High?

So I’ve been sick with the crud that is going around. I have a runny nose, cough, fever, all that fun stuff. Germs and all, the day goes on and it got me thinking, if I’m feeling this bad, will I still have a good connection with my Angels?

The reason I ask is because life goes on. I still have readings to do and reports to write but how can I do this if I’m not connected?

The last week or so, there was a question that I needed to know the answer to. I can’t mention it here but it was a subject that you just don’t come across everyday. I know all I have to do is ask my Angels and they will tell me everything that I need or should know BUT I was just feeling so crappy I didn’t feel like doing any rituals to make happen.

Normally I’d get the crystals, essential oil of choice, music, cards, candles – you know – the whole shabang. Nope. Wasn’t feeling it.

Great. Now how am I going to connect when I didn’t feel like it? Angels! I know you hear me, help me!

Oh well. It’s no big deal. I’ll just wait until I feel better then do what I gotta do. So I thought.

Last night while I had tissues stuffed in my nose and feeling really bad, I picked up my iPad and just started reading. It was quite relaxing actually. Then not two minutes into reading I find an article that answered all my questions! Sorry I’m so vague here but the the topic is not important. The amazing thing is that this article just happened to show up and it was exactly what I was searching for.

So here you have it. I had a VERY low vibrational day and wasn’t expecting any connection with the Angelic Realm but they STILL came through!

Coincidence or Angel intervention? You tell me.



5 thoughts on “When I’m Feeling So Low, Can My Vibration Be High?

  1. Hi Donna, I’ve asked this question quite often to myself before, too. I don’t actually do any rituals to connect to my guides and angels. I can, and meditation can sometimes be very useful if my mind can’t quiet down to listen. But I am able to hear and feel and see them without having to know anything about essential oils or crystals – and for me music often makes me too distracted to pay attention. 🙂 We all have different ways to connect but I mention it because when you’re ill, connecting without a ritual might be a wonderful thing, as it takes less energy on your end of things. Just sharing my experience. 🙂 Sometimes, depending on how sick I feel, I can’t see or feel my guides anymore. I usually can still hear them. There was one time when I felt like I was alone and unable to connect at all, and that freaked me out: afterward when I recovered my guides explained that they are always there with me, and can still receive communication from me, but try to not make themselves so evident when I’m really ill because I need all my energy to heal. So I have no doubt you were able to connect with your angels even with a low vibration from being ill. You’re never alone. I hope you get well soon!

    • Eilis, I’m so glad you said this and you’re 100% right! Sick or not sick, the connection is always there. If I just kept out of my stupid head and realized that no, I don’t have to any rituals – absolutely nothing at all – and they are still and aways with me. Thank you so much!!! xoxo

  2. Actually, sometimes it’s when I’m feeling my weakest, that the Universe decides to show it’s greatest strength- No need REALLY for preliminaries, as I believe we can not NOT be connected to the Source, no matter how far away we feel we’ve wandered- Yes? : )

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