What Does A Blocked Crown Chakra SOUND Like?

I know that’s a really strange question but it’s the best way I can describe a recent experience I had with someone who had a blocked Crown Chakra.


I recently went to a Mind, Body, Spirit event in Charlotte called Shift Charlotte. I had a great time, saw all kinds of great novelties but the best part, I met a bunch of cool people.

Before I stepped foot into the expo I had my aura protected because there was all kinds of energies flying around the place. Having done that, I was free to roam the floor.

It’s always interesting being Clairvoyant and Claircognizant when going to these events. The stories that unfold are awesome!

I met this lady who said she was a Pegan Witch. That’s all fine and dandy, she is what she is BUT as soon as those words came out of her mouth I saw her Solar Plexus puff up as if to say,

“Look at me! I just told you I was a Witch and I bet you’re scared now.”

So instead of reacting and “being scared” I did the opposite and told her that we had something in common – religion. Being of Lithuanian decent, Paganism, which is a religion that covers a large area of a religious beliefs and backgrounds, was a common thread. Suddenly her Solar Plexus shrunk down to the size it should be and she smiled. She found someone who was on her side and that made her happy.

Then these two lovely ladies walked up to me and one said,

“would you like to start a cool conversation?”

I must have had a sign on my head that day that said, “talk to me because that is what I’m here for today!” Lol, that’s was fine – I so didn’t mind and LOVE to hear stories from other people.

She starts her VERY long conversation about how she feels the Universe may just be fooling us and that we are not suppose to be here. “But where is our place to be?” she says as the conversations got very deep and just shot into a thousand directions like a rat shot on a rifle.

As she was going on about the Universe, Spirituality, our life’s direction, beliefs and all those questions that are really hard to answer at an Expo, I began to see her Crown Chakra.

Not only did I see that it was blocked but I felt her – now this is odd – I felt her as being short. Being short as in her aura or energy did not go all the way up. It was stopped, or blocked, at her Crown Chakra.

I looked at her energy and it was very strong but stopped at the point of her Crown – then I felt mine. I got a visual of two energies. Hers was like a firecracker in a box (the box being the blocked crown) and the box was just ready to burst open but only when SHE knew how to open it. Then I saw mine. It was straight and went all the way up.

Now the interesting thing is not only the visual but the FEELING I got as she spoke. She was all jittery and darting all over the place in confusion and excitement. I on the other hand, felt light as a feather and with each breath feeling closer to Source than ever. It was a very odd feeling but it was what it was and I trust that feeling 110% percent.

I had Angel chills big time on my entire body as she spoke. Why? Because I don’t ever want to think or speak out of ego. As she was speaking I was speaking with my Guides to confirm my feelings before I even open my mouth to offer a response to her amazing conversation.

I asked, “She has a block Crown chakra right?” My Guides responded with a “she sure does.”

That was all I needed to hear from my Guides and to confirm what I already suspected. She has a blocked Crown Chakra.

After a few minutes of her chatting away – and I would have so loved to sat down with her over a glass of wine with hours to spare and hear more about what she sought but that would never happen – I mentioned to her that I can see chakras really well and believe that she has a blocked Crown.

Her face was priceless but if all these people are going to come up to me and share their stories, I can share mine too.

Of course she looked at me with surprise but she should realize the type of event we were at which attracted many gifted people. So, no surprise here.

I told her that I too had all the questions that she was asking. I too did all the internet scouring and textbook reading that she is doing now. There is nothing wrong with reading, learning and searching and I highly recommend it but there comes a time when all that information gets redundant. When you get to that point of “full” it’s time to put it all away and stop. Stop reading. Stop surfing. Stop searching and begin to search and look within yourself because THAT is where all the information resides.

I remember clear as yesterday when I was taking a 20 minute nap in my room one January day. It was right before I was going to get an energy reading from a friend.

I had just come back from one of my first Mind, Body, Spirit workshops and just felt amazing. As I lied down on my bed so very relaxed and just in the zone, I heard a fairly loud pop. I looked up thinking one of my ceiling lights had popped but they were fine. I looked up and saw the brightest white light yet I could stare right at it without hurting my eyes. The feeling was so amazing that I couldn’t put it into words. I am 100% sure that my Crown Chakra had just opened BIG time.

A few minutes later I went downstairs for my energy and chakra reading my friend said that my Crown chakra was HUGE HUE HUGE which only confirmed to me that it was huge because it just opened up. She of course narrowed it down for me to the size it should be. Needless to say, it was an amazing reading and she said that my chakras were all lined up perfectly. Just to note that I work on my chakra everyday because they can easily pop out of alignment, get blocked or unbalanced so it’s good practice to check your chakras everyday.

So you see, here is a really cool example of how to use your gifts as a Clairvoyant to really see a conversation. So “what does a blocked Crown Chakra look like?” This:


“What does a blocked Crown Chakra Sound like?” Like this:

  • What is Spirituality all about?
  • What if the path we are walking is not the right path?
  • Where IS Source?
  •  What is the Divine?
  • What if our Universe is fooling us?
  • What if were meant to be in another realm?
  • What if we don’t want to be in this Universe anymore?

See the pattern? It’s not that we will find the answers to these questions but the day we stop asking OUT and start searching and knowing IN is the day our Crown Chakra opens just a little bit more.

If you would like me to read  your chakras, I now have a new service. It’s a Chakra Reading, Cleansing and Healing. It’s a $75 service and here, I connect with you to see your chakras, clean them, give them a spin, adjust the color and give each one Reiki so they are as good as new. You also get a PDF of what I see which I think, is pretty cool.

Please visit the SERVICE tab on the top of this blog to find out a little more about this service. This is a sample of the PDF that you’ll receive with this service.


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