Angels With Attitudes: Come Meet Them


Like people, Angels have personalities. It’s really hard to describe this to you all but having chatted and seen many Angels, I can tell which Angel is present just by hearing the way they speak to me and what they “feel” like.

Yes, that sounds odd and weird but it is what it is. For example:

Michael is very powerful, big, loud and has a strong sense of humor and an “in your face” way of speaking to you. One day he said to me in reference to a project I was working on, “Well if you don’t know what the word means, Google it!” I was like – WHO’S TALKING TO ME THAT WAY? Then claircognizance kicked in and I knew it was Michael and just laughed. Oh and I did go to Google my word and of course, it was perfect.

Metatron is also very upfront, I call him my New York Angel because he tells it like it is and you know he’s in the room 5 minutes before he gets there because you can hear him and feel him.  He let’s you know he’s coming because he announces himself. He is shiny clear yet has many colors to him. He is a VERY big presence and you just know when he has walked in the room – again – claircognizance. Just the other day I was pulling a card that didn’t make sense for one person and I hesitated to talk about it then I heard from him, “That card is not for ********* it’s for *********!” Oh, well now that makes sense Metatron and thank you for clearing that up for me, lol!

Auriel. She is like a delicate feather. She’s quite, gentle and is very soft spoken. As feminine and soft as she is, she has a very strong connection to the moon and moon phases. Don’t let the quiet ones fool you. Here, Clairsentience kicks in.

Sandalphon. He is a strong presence yet not loud like Michael or Metatron. He’s like a Dad figure and know that you can seek his wisdom and grounding strength when you need it.

Jophiel. She’s a beauty – literally. She’s bouncy like a butterfly, light, airy and warm like the sun. She likes to hug.

Gabriel. He reminds me of the smart kid in school, you know, the dorky kid with the glasses on? He is well schooled about many things that will help you from work issues to your creativeness. He’s a colorful one and holds close your most intimate emotions, very much like the guy that all the girls like to talk to – because they can. Trust him with your most intimate feelings.

Shamael. She the artsy one! She loves getting your attention with music so when you hear a song and think of a loved one – she’s there. She reminds me of a dragonfly for some reason. She transforms your thoughts into actions via music and she also loves to communicate through water. Want a really strong connection with her? Ever wonder why you have such a good time at the beach while listening to your music? She’s all over that!

I’ll be updating this list as I get to know my Angels a little bit better but for now, these are the ones I know fairly well. Bookmark this 🙂


I’m adding URIEL to the list. I did a reading yesterday and he comes in with a very grounding statement in reference to the question. I can’t tell you the details but his answer was:

“You are dancers through time, nothing more nothing less”

It’s very to the point, no fluff no stuff – as a grounding statement should be. And yes, he is the Angel of the Root Chakra (grounding) so that is also how I recognized it was him.


7 thoughts on “Angels With Attitudes: Come Meet Them

  1. Not strange at all. I don’t know many angels, but I spend every day with my guides and they all have personalities, histories, ways of being with me, things they’re very skilled at and other things they delegate to others. We’re a family and we partner together on the journey. I love that you have such a similar personal connection with the angels. I am grateful for that kind of connection every day. 🙂

    • and I’m the opposite of you Eilis. I know many Angels but not my Guides – I know they are there but have trouble connecting with them. It’s such an amazing journey!

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