So I’ve Reached a Plateau. Now What?

If you read this blog you’ll see a nice flow of posts almost daily. Posts about Angel visits, dreams, visions, paintings, meditations, seeing weird things – all kinds of goodies.


The past week or so everything seems to have come – not to a halt but to a plateau. Many people say “oh my gifts stopped what do I do???” when in fact, you are just taking a rest. Your gifts never stop. Either they are just going unnoticed or you have come to a resting point as I like to call it.

Now for myself, I used to say that same thing. “How come I’m not seeing anything today?” or “Why is everything so quiet?”

Now, I know better.

The last moon phase hit me really, really hard in both a good and a bad way. It was a HUGE energy suck and it got me sick for about 4 weeks – I haven’t been sick in YEARS. All the things in my body came to the surface and was released. Why? To make room for something “new.”

  • I had a fever (release of old energy)
  • Sore throat (release of words I didn’t need anymore)
  • Headache (got rid of thoughts that no longer served me)
  • Body aches (my physical body was changing)
  • Acne (emotions came to the surface)
  • Cough (released deep rooted particles that were hiding and needed to come out)
  • Tired (released energy so new energies could come in)

For all you spooks out there, that last energy wave was so big and it was for a reason. It was an energy surge to reboot, recharge and to get those people who are Awakened a little extra something-something. Well for me, that something is just coming to the surface now and it’s my psychic abilities.

I feel content, confident and trusting. It feels like finally breaking in your favorite pair of jeans. It’s the feeling of contentment after eating a really yummy dinner. It’s a feeling of knowing that when you go to bed at night, the sun will be there in the morning.

So what has changed.

When you think about titles there are Mediums, Psychic  Mediums, Spiritual Channels and the new name I love, New Wave Mediums that Amanda Linette Meder speaks of in one of her blogs post. Read all about that amazing term in her latest post The Mediumship Industry is Changing And These Are The Trends. She also gives me a lovely mention there as well.

So what’s going on with me now is the “Psychic” part of Psychic Medium is now coming forward.

For the past week, I’ve been saying sentences on TV before they say them, knowing what someone is going to say before they said it or just getting a glimpse into the future but only seconds out. But it’s a beginning!

This happened to me years ago as well but took a back burner until now. It’s a “knowing” that is different from Claircognizance because seconds after the “knowing” it happens. That’s psychic ability, knowing what’s going to happen before it happens.

As it stands now, I only have seconds notice from the time I know something before it happens but I’m going to try to change those seconds into minutes. It just happens so quick – but I’ll take it.

Also, I can connect and feel a person’s energy way better now. I can feel that they are happy, sad, upset about their job, their marriage etc. It’s like an energy merge. I will have to set boundaries for myself because this is not only tiring but there’s a time and place for this gift and it’s in readings only – not everyday life. So, I noted myself on this one.

So I’m anxious to see what happens during the next moon phases and this time, I’m not getting sick but I will be tapping into those energies and using them to the fullest.

I’m ready!


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