A Message From Sandalphon: It’s All About Timing

Angels give us messages everyday but most of the time, they are so subtle they go unnoticed. You have to train both your eyes and your mind to pick up on their messages and it does take time to do this but once you’re attuned to it, there are messages all over the place.

This morning. It started with a post about TIME on facebook. I just randomly grabbed a graphic I had in my computer and posted a #ThankfulThursday blurb. Here it is:

I’m thankful for time. The time I had learning in my life. The time I had with my family and friends. The time I had growing up and experiencing life and the time yet to come.




Then I leave that facebook group and look through the stream and this is the first graphic I see. Here is the time reference again.




I move to yet another facebook group I have and start chatting about crystals with some people there and mentioned the odd Fulgurite. Fulgurite is also known as Petrified Lightening because it’s really a hollow tube of sand that was fused together when it was struck by lightning on the beach.




I leave the house and go for my morning walk. I reach my favorite area where there is a path and I hear: “Time to release your fears.”

Now it all starts to fall into place – there is the TIME reference again.

Moments before I reached this spot and before I heard the message I had passed a bunch of High School kids at the bus stop. I little jolt of fear went through my body as I remembered how scared I used to be about some kids in High School and just the frights that whole experience had. I was surprised that these thoughts came to the surface because at almost 54, I’ve been out of school a very long time.

Then I realized it’s not about school at all but about releasing fears – no matter what they are. There is no need to be frightened about anything because there is family, friends, God and Angels that are always by your side to help. What more do you need???????

The school reference here is Sandalphon telling me about a LESSONS and LEARNING. See how you have to put all these puzzles together? Angels work in symbols, images and words but you have to pay attention and need time to put them all together to understand what they are trying to tell you.


Then as I start walking back down this path towards home, thinking about my puzzle pieces and I see this dandelion.  I happen to LOVE dandelions!

They are also symbolic of time. Look how the one seed is just balancing on the top. In any given moment all these seeds can just blow off from their base and fly away. But when? Timing.


So who is Sandalphon?

  • He is the Angel that oversees the Earth Star chakra which is 6″ below our feet. That is where all this walking comes in. Walking as you know is very grounding. He guides us to walk our path and helps us find our truest self.
  • He also helps us with balancing – see the seed balanced?  Seeds fall into the ground and start new beginnings, new paths. He helps us reach our goals and growings.


So you see, for me, this is a HUGE message because after the recent plateau I’ve been experiencing, Sandalphon is now telling me that it’s time.

I’m excited for what’s about to coming and very timely at that – the full moon is tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A Message From Sandalphon: It’s All About Timing

  1. I’ve also been experiencing a plateau lately. It always seems (for me) that when things really take off and I get comfortable yet excited then they plateau. Yesterday I was seeing lights again and connected with a new guide so that was nice. I have also been hearing “time and patience” so often lately, I need to learn patience obviously lol! Great blog!

    • Really? You’ve heard time and patience too? Wow, I have a feeling that the Universe has something very special in store of all of us Lightworkers. Today has been really weird and on a very strong, high vibrational level. I need to think about all this tonight before the full moon tomorrow. Exciting stuff! Oh and thanks for liking my blog ❤

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