Who Am I? The Day I Got My Answer

There are experiences in life that we’ll remember forever such as graduations, our wedding day, the birth of our children, that gorgeous trip to Hawaii, just to name a few.

Then there are experiences we remember that are on a personal level such as the times we decide to make a life changing decision such as moving to another state, taking a job we worked for all our lives or even something like deciding to go back to school or have more children.

Then there are experiences that we’ve had that are hard to explain but have touched us on a soul level. Today, I’m going to share one of those experiences with you.

April 21, two days before the full moon, I went food shopping early in the morning. I always get wigged out when the full moon approaches so all I wanted to do was stay home, cook and just be quiet for the day.

There is this one women in the food store who I’m so drawn to. She has an amazing etheric energy about her and all I want to do is be near her, like fireflies who fly together in groups.

She’s an African America woman about 60 or so and she’s always smiling. After I pick up my bread and milk for the day and get to the register where she is, I always hear messages to tell her. Of course I never do because I shop there and don’t want her to think I’m nuts so I just say, “you’ve made me smile today” or “you have a beautiful heart” – something along those lines. After I have my brief chats with her she always responds with a “oh bless you!” or “Praise God!” or “Hallelujah, thank you so much!” and then my heart feels warm, and I walk out the store. I just want to sit with her and tell her so much but again, I don’t know this lady.

So driving home that day, and the ride home was a big mile away, I was thinking about her and who is she, really, who is this lady? I kept feeling “angel, angel, angel.” So as I’m driving home with radio off and enjoying the chatter in my head, I ask my Guides, “who is that lady? Is she an Angel?”

Then something weird happens. I then hear myself – now this is the weird part because it was not ME it was my higher self me. I know!!!! That’s totally weird but it is what it is people.

I hear (that’s the gift of Clairaudience where you hear things in your head) “Who am I?”

“Who am I” now I’m saying to myself? I thought I was thinking about the lady in the food store??

“Who am I?” I hear again.

Like a person who is at a party just listening to a large group of people chatting, I’m just along for the ride, literally, for this one.

Again I hear in a very strong, clean, beautiful, loving voice, “Who Am I???”

So I finally ask MYSELF, well then, “Who AM I?”

Like a little girl hearing her Father speak to her as she’s looking up at him I hear … “You are an Angel.” An Angel? I ask. “Who? Which Angel am I?” Then in that same loving voice I hear, “The One Who Shines.”

At this point luckily I was almost home, after all, this happened in less than a mile. I almost lost control of my car, I was shaken.

The One Who Shines? What, who is that? Where did that come from? Who said that? Swerve, breaking, turn the wheel … as I drove home the last minute to my home, in a fog.

What just happened?

I had the house to myself when I got home so I put the groceries away and I don’t even remember doing that because my mind was elsewhere.

What does this mean? Should I Google it? No.

I then go through my checklist so I can discern and figure this one out.

  • What did it feel like? What is a good feeling or bad? It was EXTREMELY good.
  • Was I afraid? No
  • Was it just clatter in my mind? Definitely, most certainly not.
  • How did my heart feel? Warm, loving, big.
  • What do I feel it was? Hands down, Angelic but from whom?
  • Did I get the notorious body chills? Big time!

Later that day I decided to paint. What did I paint you ask? Well a moon of course because the full moon was the next day and I felt drawn to paint it. This is how it came out.


All these questions ran through my mind. I sought the help of my Angel mentor Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter to talk about what this message was about. Chris, which Angel is “the one who shines?” “Auriel”, she said. She clearly said that would be Archangel Auriel, one who “illuminates.”

Going back to about a year ago when I first met Chris at an Angel Chatter event I bought a Sun Drop from her and out of all the colorful ones she was selling, I chose this one:


Illumination!!! This is the Archangel Auriel Sun Drop! Coincidence? No.

Here’s more.

I’m the Cancer Zodiac and guess what my ruling planet is? The Moon.

Every Archangel has a Temple, or a place or space that they oversee. Guess where Auriel’s Temple is? The Moon.

One of my favorite rings? Can you guess it? The Moonstone.


So what do I make out of all this? Well if at this point if I don’t clearly see that I was giving a message, than I just need to pack it in. But, getting to the main point of all this, who am I???

Who gave me this message? That I may never know or at least at this point, I don’t know  – yet – but I can tell you it was from someone with amazing presence.

So to answer the question that my higher self was asking this Presence?

Who am I? I am “the one who shines,” Auriel.

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