Angels and Guides. What’s In A Name? It Does’t Matter!!!

Yes, it’s to hard to connect with your Spirit Guides, as least it is for me. I know they’re there but I don’t know their names nor do I care. I do know my Protector Guide. He’s a Cop and his name is Scott. He also has a K9 with him and his name is John who is a gorgeous Shepard. I’ll have to do a blog post about that experience, it was wild!

For me, it’s awesome enough to FEEL that they are there and knowing they are there to help and guide me, besides, I’d feel odd knowing one of my Guides name is Irving, lol.

I have Angels around me most of the time and those I see very clearly. When you see Angels, who cares about the names!!!!!

I will tell you this. After a while you’ll become an Intuitive Detective and start putting 2+2 together and say, “You know what? Every time I call in Michael I see blue. Michael is blue. Every time I feel Joy and Empowerment I see yellow butterflies. That is Jophiel.” The same will happen with your Guides. You’ll sense them on different levels and THAT is how you’ll know who they are.

One thought on “Angels and Guides. What’s In A Name? It Does’t Matter!!!

  1. I totally agree. I do know my guides’ names, but I can identify each of them by their energy signature. Each has an energy that is unique – it has a quality I can feel which differs from all other energy patterns. This has been extremely helpful particularly because – though obviously they look like individuals – they dress and wear their hair the same and it’s often too hard to know who is who for sure just based on height and facial expression– though I can see which gender they are. I also can’t always see them: it takes a kind of concentration for me to do that which I can’t afford if I am very tired, sick, doing a job interview, talking with friends, reading… I can sense their energy immediately whether they have individuated or not so even when I’m out in the world I viscerally feel I am not alone. And I have gotten much better at hearing them. 🙂 I think we all have different ways to connect and I love hearing other people’s experiences.

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