The Night I Almost Shot A Ghost

Last night I was lying in bed reading my iPad, playing Solitaire and just relaxing after a great day of enjoying my new pergola in the yard.

TV and radio were off because I like a really quite room. Three out of my four cats were on the bed with me, Hubs was not home from work yet and I was just enjoying chilling at the end of the night.


All of a sudden I hear a “Hi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-” not just a quick “Hi” but an exaggerated one that lasted a bit longer than it should.

I look up at the door.

Was I scared? I won’t lie – my heart was beating a bit more than usual because if there was someone in my home, I’m getting the gun and I so didn’t want to do that.

I know in this point in my life that when something spooky like this happens I first have to think and feel what it is before I act.

The voice sounded airy, not solid like someone was in the room. I looked at my cats and none of them were freaking out which is weird, if there was something in the room they’d be alerted – unless whatever was in the room was non-threatening.

Do I run for my gun or not???????????

I waited to see if I could hear anything else or if I could see something. Nothing. I closed my eyes to see if I was able to pick something up clairvoyantly. Nothing.

Well, I guess whoever it was, just stopped in to say “hi.”

Who was my evening visitor? I asked but heard nothing.

This is a good example of Spirits just passing in the night, visiting, then going about their business. I think it was pretty cool actually. I’m just wondering what I would have done if the conversation continued. Maybe another night 🙂


p.s After reflecting on this for a day and trying to figure it out – I came to realize that 38 years ago my Uncle passed away when I was just 16. I believe we finally met up again ❤

4 thoughts on “The Night I Almost Shot A Ghost

  1. Donna my first thought was, either way no big deal for the ghost, he’s dead already! But seriously, that sounds both scary and awesome. Do you know why “hi” seems to be the word most spirits use to communicate? I have had two experiences – one with an earthbound and another with my crossed-over uncle a few Samhains ago — both cases I heard “hi” clear as day. I so wanted the conversation to continue, but it didn’t, and in both cases I continued to see the person who was speaking to me during and after they said something. I just wonder sometimes … when I am crossed over won’t I want to say something other than “hi” to someone, particularly a relative? There are so many other meaningful words/phrases to say. The one time I had an external clairaudience experience with one of my spirit guides, he said, “I love you” which did totally freak me out because I live alone and don’t expect to hear another human’s voice before dawn, … and then I instantly knew who it was. :-0) I was very moved, far more meaningful than just saying hi. But in my experience like I said, hi seems to be the norm, and that fascinates me. I’m kind of glad though that I don’t have as many clairaudient experiences as you do — I’m blind and need my hearing to navigate the physical world, if I was hearing ringing in my ears and strange music and such it wouldn’t just be annoying but I’d literally be losing my balance, hitting walls, getting lost, or falling. So I am clairaudient but what you have developed in clairaudience I am developing in clairsentience. Safer for me personally. 🙂

    • That’s a good question – why just “hi?” I’m thinking because it may take a lot of energy for a Spirit to speak so a moan, or a short word is the easiest for them.

      I didn’t know you were blind Eilis. That really brings on a whole new spin to how you perceive the Spirit world.

      Thank you so much for your comments -they are super long and I love them!

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