So Look What Happened Since the Retrograde Energy Leveled Off

I’m sure by now you’re reading all about how the big energy surge from this last Retrograde is leveling off. Thank God right? That was like one BIG contraction that just never stopped but the end result, was something beautiful.


Remember the last few weeks the energy came in like a roaring waterfall? From the natural energy adjustments to the moon phases, it really came POURING in and was really hard for many of us.

We were sick with colds, fevers, stomach issues, body aches, tiredness and all kinds of anxiety as the energy came into us and our bodies were adjusting. I know I was sick twice in March and I haven’t been sick in years. It was just not the norm for me.

As the energy came in we felt a restlessness right down to the soul level – it just could not be explained and it was hard to explain to others that the Universe was to blame for this. My poor Husband was like enough already with the Unicorns and lollipops – what is going on? Unicorns and lollypops meaning that Metaphysical stuff that we know if that is hard to explain to others – you know what I’m talking about right?

So anyway, what’s the conclusion of all this?

What I’ve noticed most is that other people, and I’m referring to Facebook friends that I know here, are slowly becoming Awakened.


  • They are slowing down and noticing themselves.
  • They are putting some of the hustle and bustle of the Corporate world away because somehow, it doesn’t seem to matter much anymore.
  • They are tapping into themselves and getting to know their true self that has been hiding under all those layers for way too long.
  • They are unfolding and noticing Nature and all she has to offer.
  • They are enjoying the benefits of crystals, meditation and beginning to journal.
  • They are tapping into the energy that has now become abundant because it’s just too hard to ignore.


Any of this sound familiar?

THIS is what all this energy surge is about!

I can only tell you what I’ve experienced the last two weeks and if you’ve been reading my blog, you already know.

  • I’ve been getting very clear messages from the Angels
  • I’ve gotten a HUGE message from an Ascended Master
  • I feel great and my Claircognizance (clear Knowing) has become stronger and this is one of those gifts that are really difficult to explain to people. It’s basically saying, “because I just know” which comes across like a smarty pants but it is what it is.
  • My psychic abilities really came forward. For now, I have just seconds of knowing something before it happens but it went from about 1 second notice to about 3-5 seconds so that is going in the right direction.
  • I no longer doubt myself because there is just too much support from my Angel team to doubt anything at this point.


This is a big subject and one that we’ll be feeling the effects for a while so be sure to only notice what’s going on within you but within the people around you.



2 thoughts on “So Look What Happened Since the Retrograde Energy Leveled Off

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