Are You Soaking Up The Energy? Don’t Waste It!

How’s everyone feeling today? Right about now you should, or at least your energy self, should start to be feeling a little back to normal. Not the normal you were before but your NEW normal – wait – I guess it can’t be labeled as “normal” if it’s new right? Lol, sorry about that!

This is what I mean.


If you’ve been sick with a cold, aches, etc. that I spoke about before on this blog, your “stuff” should have come to the surface already and have been released.

You should by now have noticed a little inkling of new gifts that have opened up – I sure have, just read my last few posts.

There should be a feeling of a new confidence in you, not ego confidence but one that comes in the form a TRUST in yourself.

Much is going on around us and the people who have not been Awakened are feeling it too but unfortunately, they are not Awakened so their efforts are not being put to good use OR perhaps their light just has not clicked on yet. People are weird now and say stuff and act hurtful but I try my hardest to let it go because I have a path to follow and lowering my energy to bicker with them, is so not in the plan.

One of my gifts that opened like an Outback Blooming Onion is my Clairvoyance. Having the gift to see really comes in handy for my Chakra Readings which I’m doing a lot of now. I’m not advertising them (but will) so it’s amazing how Spirit is showing me the people who need this healing because of my gift. Spirit is bringing them to me which is so flipping beautiful!

So, my point is that even though the energy is still working it’s way into your being, you now how the nuts and bolts to start putting it to good use. Pay attention to what you FEEL and trust that!

The most important message in all this energy surge, upgrade, whatever term you want to use for it, is that you have NEW gifts so dive in and try anything. Put your petal to the metal and remove all your limits. Try, try and try new things that you didn’t think you could do – because now, you are a new you and more gifted than you were before.

Like anything new, you have to practice so if you always wanted to do card readings, do it.

If you wanted to use crystals in your readings but don’t know how to, just dive in and trust what your gut is telling you. I even did that in a reading I had just  a few days ago.

If you are drawn to learning more about Fairies, do it.

There is so much out there that you can do and learn about so now, have some fun and dive right in. Your time is now 🙂


4 thoughts on “Are You Soaking Up The Energy? Don’t Waste It!

  1. Great article. Let us open to our new gift s.
    Still attempting to find mine. Thanks for the reminder and information about this shift. It validates my own messages.

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