What Do Chakras Look Like When I Do A Chakra Reading?

I bet right away you thought of those seven pretty little circles with all the colors of the rainbow right? Well for the most part that’s true but the way I see chakras, reveals a little bit more.


It wasn’t until recently, I mean like just about two months ago recently, that I realized that I can see chakras really well. I would see chakras when I did card readings for people but really, didn’t give it too much thought because I was into doing the reading and not the fact that all these images were popping up all over the place.

The light finally came on one day when I was in the shower. When I’m in the shower, that’s the time I do my chakra work. I cleanse them, look at them and check to make sure that they are all the colors that need to be and if they’re not, I fix it. I also infuse all them with Reiki and give them a nice spin to the right before I send them back.

So back to the shower. I didn’t even start my chakra cleanse yet and all of a sudden I see this:


I don’t know which startled me more the fact that I saw my huge 3rd Eye Chakra or the fact that it had a tear in it.

After I addressed the tear, and you can read about it in the link above, I realized how very easy and clear it was for me to see chakras. Noted.

The next Monday I go to my Qigong class and as soon and it starts, there they were – my chakras.

Again, don’t know what shocked me more, the fact that I saw my chakras again or the fact that two of them were way out of place.

I’m starting to see a pattern here and it got me thinking.

If it is this easy for me to see chakras, why don’t I offer this as service to help others?

And my Chakra Reading service came to be!

I just wanted to show you what some of the chakras looked like in the readings I’ve done so far. It’s so amazing the every chakra system presents a new chakra issue and based on what it looks like, I figure why it looks like that a solution to fix it.

What do the chakra look like in the readings I’ve done so far? Here are just a few:

For the most part, many chakras look the way they should, round and beautiful.



One I saw was divided up with white lines.


One Solar Plexus was just divided, 50/50.



Most chakras have gray spots on them. This is a very common site to see.



One particular Root Chakra literally had roots coming out of it.


I offer two services via Angel Hug, Channeled Paintings which I love doing and Chakra Readings which I really LOVE. Since I’m so Clairvoyant, the chakras pop up within 5 mintues of the reading. It takes me longer to write the report than to see the chakras. This is such an amazing gift – which I’m still getting used to – and I can’t wait to share it more as Angel Hugs grows.


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