Angelic Energy Forecast: It’s Coming to A Head

I haven’t been inclined to write anything about energy reports or forecasts but recently, the energy has been so unusual and noticable I feel it should be addressed.

Way back in 2014 I was saying that 2015-16 should be the start of “going back to basics”, it has taken an interesting twist.


As our physical life should have been simplified by now (disconnecting from stuff, clutter and things/people that we no longer need) our soul life has become more complex – but in a good way!

Our gifts have opened, we’ve come to sit comfortably in our “know” and a new trust has developed within ourselves. This is a HUGE step in our lives and although it came in slow and steady, you should now be feeling it full force.


Many things have and are still coming to the surface for many of you in for form of sickness, feelings and situations that are emotionally draining and even sadden us. This is the end of the re-booting process that I’ve been talking about but the beginning of a new you.

Continue to stay focused, push through all that is hard to deal with or face because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s closer than you think!

Hang in there and look forward to the new!



10 thoughts on “Angelic Energy Forecast: It’s Coming to A Head

  1. This is “spot on”, sounds like you are talking about me personally…I have gone through soul wringing sadness in the last week, and am just about to say B.S. to all this stuff. I will trust you and hang in a little longer. I need to see that light at the end of the tunnel either here or the literal one soon. Thanks for this post.

    • I’ve been watching your posts Nancy and seeing your pain. Some of us who’s lessons are more on the surface are coming through this already but some, such as yourself who have deeper experiences to work out, will take just a little longer. Hang in there – you are close. You’ve done so much already.

  2. This is timely and true. Spirit even moves life around and removes people and things we need to release. We either choose to let go and step into the New or run back to the Old.

    • It seems that the Universe/energy/Spirit – whoever you feel is in charge of all this – surely is doing some big work on people. I just can’t wait to see all of us come out shiny new. Watch in a few weeks, maybe a month where all of a sudden, there will be a new light in many lives. I’m already seeing it in mine 🙂

      • I am definitely feeling the changes and seeing how it manifests each day. Even in my dreams, Spirit has been letting me know how connected I am. Let go and let Goddess. And people are coming to me (for assistance with their path) because of the shifts. Very cool experiences.

      • Hi Pamela! Isn’t it cool to notice how things change – especially with the moon phases. Energy shifts never used to be this strong. They are definitely pulling in the people that need to do the most work – or at least it seems that way.

  3. Yipee good news!
    Both my body and my spirits have been through the ringer lately, and I knew it was majorly due to energy waves that have been hitting me – full of what I releasing.

    So your forecast gives me hope.
    Thanks Donna!! 😊

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