Now Is A Time For Healing and Patience

HEALING & PATIENCE: Now these two cards sure go together don’t they. The first card which you are familiar seeing is the HEALING card from Raphael. The second card is the PATIENCE card from Achaiah.


HEALING. I keep feeling this over and over for so many. I see it in faces and can feel it in souls. BIG transformations are going on and I’m sure at this point everyone is tired of hearing about it but you have to!!! This is one of the strangest “feelings” I’ve experienced so far but it just so super cool! Unfortunately, like cleaning a house, it gets so much worse before it gets better. I know some of you who are super gifted are getting hit the hardest. I see it in your facebook posts and I sensed it and pinpointed it for several of my friends. I feel, now this is MY opinion, that for SOME of you, it’s really, really going to knock you down. “…for you are the ones that I have asked to help” … that just came in as a channel and those were NOT my words. I’ll leave that be and go onto the next card ❤

PATIENCE. When I was just becoming fully awakened about this time last year, this is the card that the Angels kept showing me. You can’t see it but the side of this card is worn out on the right – that is how many times it was pulled for me. Today, it’s pulled for all of us. Look at the card. See the clock, the books the color of the wings, the color of the book and the even the age of the Angel. That is all significant.

RED WINGS. It’s really important to stay grounded during this time. If you are not grounded and secure in your thoughts and self, this process will take a really long time.

Books: there is SO much knowledge for us to learn and that takes time not only to read but to find out what it is that we need to know in order to move forward. Lots of books here but there is ONE that we need to read. The book Achaiah is holding is purple – THAT’s the one we need to read but it will take time to find.

Oh I can go on and on about these two cards but I think you all get the gist of it. The Angel that came in and channeled when I was writing this said it all “…for you are the ones that I have asked to help” … it feels like some of you – who are hit the hardest – will have the highest path to fulfill. Stay focused, continue to release what you have to and let it all out, when everything is out and you’ve come to terms with what your soul is telling you, you will heal, when you heal in time, you will have Awakened to a new level, and state of love and mind.

5 thoughts on “Now Is A Time For Healing and Patience

    • I’m glad Linda. This was a big message for me to get out today so I just listen and write. It’s a great message for so many right now. Let me know how you are as the weeks progress.

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