Raziel’s Message Today Will Spin You Like A Top!

Our beautiful Archangel Raziel comes in to say to us, UNWIND. We have all been feeling it- for weeks now right? So Raziel is saying enough already and just put your party pants on and chill.

Enjoy yourself and unwind. As crazy busy as our day gets, look at all the things that bring you joy and soak that all up. It can be something as simple as reading a book, going for a hike, gardening, going to the spa – whatever! Just UNWIND. Oh this is funny – he just gave me this visual…


• Stand up with your feet together. Now put your arms out like a plane and take a quick spin either to your left or right, like a top. Do a few spins this morning as you start your day. If you feel a little stress coming on – go for another spin.

Don’t you just love that? Oh I love these Angel messages!!!!

Ok. Now from my Oracle of the Angels deck, a new name of Muriel comes in tell us to – get this – think about our EMOTIONAL ENERGY. See how no matter how many cards you pull, they will all give you the same message – they work together.

Raziel is saying UNWIND and Muriel is talking about EMOTIONAL ENERGY. As you unwind, notice how you feel as you take those spins. It’s fun isn’t it? Hold onto that emotional feeling of joy, innocence, fun and just sheer exuberance. Don’t let yourself get in a downward spin of yuk-yuk. When you feel that coming on, puff out your chest, put those arms out and take yourself for a spin. If you are in a work place or somewhere you can’t spin, remember the feeling of when you spun this morning. That emotion will lift you up and warm you from your heart out.

Thank you Raziel for the super fun visual today and welcome Muriel for being a message companion today.

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