Spirit Just Costed Me A Hefty Doctors Bill

When our eyes and ears play tricks on us it gets to the point where we start to wonder if there is something wrong with us. Off to the Doctor we go … but …


… after all tests for our eyes and all the tests for our ears AND a hefty bill later, we find out that everything is just fine right? Of course.

I remember about a year ago my right ear was ringing like no tomorrow! It was HIGHLY sensitive that even dropping a fork on a tile floor would just be an unbearable sound.

My TV set volume was set to about 18 or so and now, I set it way back to about 7.That’s a BIG difference.

The only music I could listen to was classical but I had to find music that didn’t have a violin because the pitch was just way too piercing for me.

I remember one day I was taking a nap and just wanted the house silent. No one was home, no radio, windows closed so nap time would be great. I put headphones (the big, black padded ones) on because I like the extreme silence when I nap and meditate. I am able to hear my heartbeat and my breathing which is perfect. So on the headphones went.

What did I hear? Classical music! It was very faint but I heard it. Oh and my headphones were not plugged into any device I just like my ears covered when I nap.

So off to the Doctor I go! An hour later, some ear wax removal, all kinds of hearing tests and a hefty Specialist fee later – everything was normal. My hearing was actually pretty good for my age.

All t his happened about a year ago. How is my hearing now?

Well the interesting twist to this is now I am able to pick up on really low frequencies. Low, low, low like if you go to the movie theater and the base sound goes right through you? That very base sound.

Putting this all together – this is what happened. I recently wrote a post on The Night I  Almost Shot A Ghost and that explains in detail what happened.

Basically, over the past two years my Clairaudience was opening. First being able to hear the really high frequencies and this year, hearing the really low ones. Put it all together and I can hear – A LOT!

So Spirits have been chatting away and I love to hear what they have to say. My Clairaudience is a wonderful gift!


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