When Is A Rose Note A Rose? When It’s a Name

Last night I did a card reading for someone and the second I connected with her it was all about the rose. As I do my readings I set up my space with candles, crystals and oils. The first and only oil that came to mind was my rose oil.

I never really use that oil because it’s VERY expensive so I have it separate from the rest so I’m not tempted to use it. Last night I went right for the rose oil and rubbed a drop or two into my hands, rubbed them together and took a big whiff and begun the reading. I echoed this element to her in the PDF that I give to all my clients in the very first paragraph then continued the reading – it was three pages long.

I always ask for feedback to see if anything I mentioned in the reading resonates. Well the #1 thing that she mentioned was the rose. Rose is a very prominent name in her family. Here’s what she said:

“First of all, Rose… My grandmother is Rose my Mom is M*** Rose, I am C***** Rose (Rose is my Confirmation name that I picked after my Grandmother) and my Daughter is M***** Rose. Rose is a very special name to me and my family. When I was little me and my cousin’s would always sing “The Rose” to my Grandmother (that song by Bette Midler)…”

The name was all over the family and it was a nice connection for her to see that in her reading.

When things pop up like that in a reading you wonder why. The reading was also very much about family so here, I was able to tie in all the ladies in her family with just one word. The rose.


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