Taking Angel Hug 2:34 Up a Notch and Talking About the Unusual

Well, I am taking my blog up a notch starting in June and will be taking the topics into a more advanced setting – digging deep into the glorious, Spiritual world in which we live in.

It seems that there are so many posts about repeating numbers, seeing flashes of light, feeling funky when the moon is full – which is fine for the person starting out in their beautiful journey but for me, I’m going to dig deep and try to post about topics that you don’t see that often or at least present a different point of view on how to process what you see or feel. After all, I myself covered most of the basic topics so the natural progression is to go up from there.

This will not only be a challenge for myself which I so need, but will be refreshing for those of us who, how should I say, “been around the block” a while already. I’ve already touched on many topics that again are a common theme for many of us but now I’m ready to really put on my thinking cap and go for it!

My first article in draft now, I have a post about people, not the people as in your and I, the people who just randomly pop into our 3rd eye and visit us at the darndest time.

  • Who are these people?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Why are they in our faces?
  • How does this happen?
  • I feel this is a good starting point and I’ll build from there.


    These are the type of topics that I’ll be digging into and I’ll be sharing my thoughts, possible solutions and hopefully, give you a spin or twist that you haven’t thought of or read about yet.

    THIS is what I need to do and I’m so looking forward to it!!! I’ve already started incorporating many videos because some subjects don’t translate well in writing so videos really come in handy.

    Why is this all coming out now? It’s about TRANSFORMATION.

    I’ve spoken about the energy surge many times here and for most of us, we have come out with new gifts and new source of insights and enthusiasm. This is the change that I’ve noticed about myself and it’s all about growth and walking our path.

    I also have some cool graphics coming up and I design all my own photographs so when you see my name appear in the corner of a snap, that is my design and it’s just another way I can try to keep this blog unique by putting my twist on what pictures I show you.

    Are you excited? I sure am! So now I have to start making a list of topics to chat about and develop it into a post. I have a vivid imagination and have experienced really cool things that a physic medium usually does so this will be an exciting direction. It will be challenging but so very worth it!!!

    If you have any questions or topics that you’d like to talk about, please send me an email at DonnaFrasca222@gmail.com.  If I personally don’t know the answer, I have an entire team of Angels who do 🙂

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