Life: We Learn As We Go

Oh I love this card! This card, out of ALL the cards in the deck, this is the one that shows up most of the time for me. Today, it was pulled for all of us.

Sometimes we walk aimlessly through life, at least it feels that way to me at times.

• Where are we going?
• What are we doing?
• What do we have to share with everyone?
• Does my life have any meaning?
• What is my contribution to life?

These are all questions that I ask myself as I walk through the labyrinth of life. I start at the beginning and say “I got this!” then as I walk and walk and walk the path seems so much longer than I anticipated it taking BUT – I always find then end.

The end meaning not the end of the road but the end of a question I had for myself, the answer to my questions.

We are all SPIRITUAL SOULS and each and everyone of us has so much to contribute but sometimes, it’s hard to find out what that is.

Walk you labyrinth and take all the time you need because whatever it is that YOU need to learn, be it big or small, you’ll know it. Take notice of all that life has to offer for you and enjoy the biggest classroom in the world, your life ❤

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