Archangel Thuriel: Protector of Animals

Today it’s fitting to talk about Archangel Thuriel. Thuriel is the Angel of the Animals.

Do you have a strong connection with animals? You can strengthen that connection when you ask Thuriel for guidance. I will be calling him in because my 18 year old cat will be transitioning to the Rainbow Bridge today.

cat- jimmy-mary.001

• Do you see the same animals over and over again?
• Do you notice cardinals all the time?
• See hawks flying above?

• Do you resonate with larger animals like the bear?
• The wolf?
• Owls?

Some can be your totem Spirit Animals and some can just be Thuriel trying to get your attention. Notice which animals you see over and over again. Find out what that animals means to you and what’s happening at the time when you notice these animals. This is how our Angels connect with us so pay attention.

Also, if you are a pet owner and want to give your pets a little extra TLC when they are sick or like I have to do today, help my 18 year old cat transition to the next realm, ask Thuriel for love and guidance to help ease as they cross.

Thank you ‪#‎ArchangelThuriel‬

12 thoughts on “Archangel Thuriel: Protector of Animals

  1. Donna, I am holding your aching heart and your kitty now in spirit in love. So nice to learn more about AA Thuriel. I have been working with him since you told me about him. Angel hugs ((( ^I^ )))

    • I’m so happy for you! Tell me (us) more about how you work with him now. Isn’t it wonderful knowing that we have one specific Angel to help us with our animals? Oh I love this!!!

  2. I have been working with the Angels for sometime. I sensed Archangel Thuriel around as one of my cats is ready to cross over. I came across your site and read your post about your 18yr old cat who crossed over. My cat is also 18 yrs old. And your opening sentence read….” Today it’s fitting to talk about Archangel Thuriel. ” Thank you

    • If this is not a clear message from your Angels I don’t know what is! HOW does this happen right? The coinsidences just cannot be planned – wow.

      Know that your cat is will always be with you. I still sense the presence of my cats and although we can not longer physically touch them, the love and their presence can still be felt. Blessing to and you baby cat ❤

  3. Was curious to know if Thuriel is the same as Archangel Uriel, or are they two different Archangels wno Guard Animals?

    • They are two very different Angel energies. Uriel represents grounding and his names translates to “Fire of God.” Thuriel specialty lies in the healing of animals.

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