Specializing in Chakra Readings

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When we feel out of sorts, there’s a really good chance that some of our chakras are either out of balance or blocked. I offer a Chakra Reading service where I can actually see your chakras and tell you not only which ones need repair but suggest to you how to mend them.


For example. Feeling lower back pain? That can be your Root Chakra letting you know that you are not grounded well enough in your physical body or not fully connected to your physical self.

Ever feel a little “floaty?” That may be why! The Root Chakra is all about red. Wear red, eat red and live red to help mend that Chakra. It can be as easy at that.

Here are snip-its from actual Chakra Readings. This is how I see them and I take notes and color them in with markers or crayons so you can see what you chakras look like. I add images, notes and anything else that appears in the reading.

You will also receive a PDF of the actual channeled Chakra Reading paperwork for your files.

This is really a great service because once you know which of your chakras need an adjustment, you’re on your way to feeling more like you should.

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Here are some reviews from some of the Chakra Readings I’ve done so far:

“Donna was very accurate in her reading. The reading was not what I was expecting, it was definitely better! She picked up on issues that I have been having for the last little while, and now I have a better idea which chakra’s I need to keep an eye on, and work on balancing. I like how she described how the chakras appeared to her, as I’m a very visual person so it was really cool to get a better perspective on that aspect of the read. Definitely 10/10!! ”

“Donna you are just amazing how accurate you are it’s funny I had done my new healing techniques and you picked up on that right away of balancing .  You are so gifted it was an honor having you read and heal me. Thank you”

“I was just BLOWN AWAY by my Chakra Reading by Donna! Guys, you have to give yourself this gift as soon as possible! Donna saw all the things that I struggle with very accurately, and as always has much needed advice. She’s spot on with her readings, I applaud all of her services. Thank you so much, Donna <3”


If you’d like to book a Chakra Reading, you can do that HERE. They are $75 and you can get your reading within 24 hours of purchase.

2 thoughts on “Specializing in Chakra Readings

  1. Hey Donna, How do you learn to see chakras? I’ve got Sarah’s healing chakras course, but that only shows us how to heal our own chakras. I can’t see them, either in myself or other people. I can see and feel other kinds of energy though, so it should be similar, yes?

    • That’s a great question Eilis and the answer is even better.

      Believe it or not, I was given this gift during my sleep one night, just a few months ago. I had a dream where an amazing presence put his hands on my head and throat, then I felt an incredible warmth. It was one of those dreams that you could swear was real but happened when you’re dreaming – just so real. I could see his hands, what he was wearing, which was a rich velvet robe and the warmth was undescrible.

      Then the next morning while I was in the shower, I again saw hands above my head in the healing position. It was so clear! Right after that when I was doing my own chakra cleaning while in the shower, I saw my 3rd Eye chakra with a rip in it!!!! First I was shocked that I even saw my chakra but wondered why there was a rip in it. I then realized that what I “saw” the previous days was so HUGE that it ripped my chakra – which happens to be my visions chakra. So I repaired it while in the shower and thought nothing of it.

      The following day while in Qigong class I immediately saw two of my chakras, my 3rd eye and my Solar Plexus, were off to one side – out of balance. My 3rd Eye was off to one side because I was just downloaded an incredible gift to see and my Solar Plexus just realized what I could do with that gift. I visually scooted them back and the very next day and chakra readings were born! I can see chakras instantly, literally within minutes of connecting to the person. It’s truly an amazing gift and I was given it to help and heal people.

      All this happened in about a week. There were many, many other signs that week that told me I was going to start healing people and to start promoting and using the gift. It’s now my favorite thing to do. Pretty wild isn’t it?

      You, of course can still do this just by feeling the chakra energy. I’m highly clairvoyant so I see images literally all the time. Try it and keep practicing. Use crystals and techniques to start opening up your 3rd eye more. I hoped this answered your question. Thanks my friend!

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