The Explanation Of All These Energy Surges and How To Prepare For the Next One

I have so much to say and I literally have about a dozen blog titles in draft just waiting. Well, I just I’ll just chat today and get it all out at once. But the one I HAVE to talk about first is the energy shifts and surges that we’ve all been experiencing.

First of all – get ready Awakened Ones, there is another BIG energy shift coming up.


I am not an official energy reader by any means but I am highly sensitive – thanks to the last energy surge in March and very clairvoyant as you keep seeing me note. The combination of those two gifts just naturally have me post about things that are on my mind which coincide with all that’s going on. That’s all fine and dandy for me but what’s it mean to everyone else?

Well, I was JUST saying this to a friend the other day. The Awakened Ones are getting hit the hardest but that all depends on which level of your path you are on. If you’re just starting out, you will feel it gently. If you are a “seasoned” one such as myself, you’re going to get slammed – again.

How do we adjust or get through this as painless as possible? I don’t know about you but March and April I was hit hard with my physical change. I was sick and my physical body did all kinds of weird things and I’ll spare you the details.

May – I now don’t like that month – it was an emotional debacle for me. I went through and experienced every possible emotion one being can go through from happy to sad and everything in between. Here again, I’m not going to go in to details about that because it will be 10 pages long and I don’t want to talk about my experiences but do want to talk about WHY this is happening.

Do you see what happened? I and I’m sure many of you as well – first went through a PHYSICAL download or change thanks to the energy shift then our bodies went through an EMOTIONAL change. What’s going to happen in this next shift? Any guess? It’s going to be a SPIRITUAL change. Look familiar? MIND • BODY • SPIRIT. Bingo.

This discover is really big people!!!! How smart of the Universe to break it down this way in three’s. So now that we know what is going on NOW we can prepare for the next energy shift June 4th and 5th. I wish I got this out sooner but the light bulb didn’t come on until today. How about that – my SPIRITUAL self just caught a message today – on the day of the shift. See!!!! Proof right there.

The Universe is slowly, step by step, giving us these upgrades, downloads, reboots – whatever you want to call them – because they are THAT big!

Ok. Now that we know what is going on, let’s put our big Spiritual pants on and deal with this. What’s next?

Our SPIRITUAL download.

  • Many of us have been experiencing weird dreams, weird “time changes” and just thoughts or ideas that will perhaps expand ourselves in a Spiritual way.
  • Maybe you have thinking about a new career that has to do with your Spiritual path. Do it.
  • Maybe you want to start Mediumship classes. Do it.
  • Maybe you are including to paint or create the Spiritual things you see and feel. Do it.

For me, and I just met with a friend Thursday to plan this, we are starting Chakra Healing workshops. Right? Talk about how all this fits into place! It’s all about how WE can help others heal and learn about Awakening.

As hard as all this is on us physically, emotionally and mentally, it’s all for a good cause so remember that. Nothing good comes to us easy. Think about what women go through to have babies – not all pleasant but the outcome is a miracle.

****** So that’s the best way I can tell you in such short notice what’s going on and how to deal with it. The main thing here to help you through is to go easy on yourself, write everything down, talk to your like-minded friends and most important for this step – OPEN YOUR HEART because THAT is where this download is going to come in.******

If you have any questions PLEASE share them here so we can all go through this wonderful experience together.

Love you all ❤



3 thoughts on “The Explanation Of All These Energy Surges and How To Prepare For the Next One

  1. WOW! I have tightened my seatbelt and am welcoming whatever is coming with open arms. Life is filled with a lot of up & downs, turns & spins, forwards and backwards. Go with it! Feel it. Experience the wonder of it all!
    Today I am celebrating my 40th Wedding Annv. and am preparing for our 22nd move. I thought we were finished with move 18 but the Universe smiled and said, “Let’s do this ride again!!!”. And Again. And again…..
    I don’t question it any more. My life is so much calmer when I don’t fight against what WILL happen, whether I like it or not. To date, my life has been pretty Amazing so I figure since I have the best seat in my life, I’m going to raise my arms, laugh, scream and love this ride till it stops!
    I have no idea ‘how’ I was ‘invited’ to Hay House back in April, truly. But since then, my heart and Life has felt ‘something’ going on. All I knew was that I was going to be kind to myself and be open for whatever was coming. WOW!
    I am now about to work on my Chakra, too. I never even thought about my Chakra 30 days ago. I have learned and been shown, mine needs more ‘tweaking’ than I thought. HA!!! I’m ready!
    Thank you God, Universe, Angels, Instructers, Teachers, Participants, Open Souls from this wonderful world I am blessed to share this life with!

    • Wow Laura! You are really in a good place! You just soaked up all the energy and put it to good use.

      Happy Anniversary, 40 years – wow!! That’s awesome. I was going to tell you to do something wonderful on your special day but I’m pretty sure you got it!!! That’s awesome.

      Oh and about Hay House, that was my first post, and you found it! I love how connections are made and I can’t wait to explore that group some more. Thank you so much for the lovely comment ❤

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