Why Do I See Faces All The Time? Who Are These People and Where Do They Come From?

It’s that time of day, either nap time or trying to get in a quick meditation. You close your eyes, relax, find your happy place and it happens. The faces pop in!!!! Who are these people????


It’s actually quiet entertaining. It’s like a party in your eyelids. There are men, women, children, young, old, happy, sad, fat, skinny and people from all over the country in their native clothing.

Who are these people?

When a new gift opens for me or a new “spook” happens as I call it, I first go to myself and try to figure it out before running to Google or all the Spiritual blogs. After all, who can really answer MY question if I’m the only one who see’s these particular people?

I’m a strong  believer on answering my own questions based on the way I feel. How else are we going to develop our gifts if we don’t trust us first? No one really knows the answer because each of our experiences are based on what WE need to learn or what WE need to see to get to where WE need to be. Spirit presents us with these visions so we can learn something from it or use it some how, in a healing way either for ourselves or others.

Here are my thoughts about the people who I see staring back at me.

When do I see these people?

When I’m in a relaxed state such as napping, meditating or sleeping. Just in different states of relaxation when all guards are down.

Who are these people? Who are the faces I see staring back at me?

I feel, now this is MY own feeling, that when we are in a relaxed state, our mind, body, soul, whatever you want to call it, takes over. Let’s just call it soul for now. I feel that my soul engages when my physical body relaxes.  My soul goes exploring much like an OBE (out of body experience) and travels anywhere and everywhere. During these OBE’s we bump into, fly past, pick up energies, of other Awakened people OR Spirits that have passed.

What happens in this relaxed state?

All my senses are sharpened which is why I see (clairvoyance) more in a relaxed state rather than awake and alert. I feel, it’s another form of travel or visiting in another dimension. After all, like I said before, there is so much right in front of our space, that all we have to do is close our eye and see or feel it. We don’t have to go up, up, up – there’s only birds and clouds out that way.

What do these people want?
I feel they are just like you and I. They are searching and looking for other souls that who are able to see and sense them. This could be a whole new world or dimension that we can explore. I’ve seen people and faces from all over the world and I know this because of the way they dressed, the color of their skin and the background landscape that I saw in their brief visits. Sometimes I see these people going about their everyday chores and just glance up as if I just walked by. So, are the visiting ME or am I visiting THEM?

This is a HUGE subject and one that I will be linking up to as I continue to explore and come to some kind of realizations as to who these people are. Pretty cool don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Why Do I See Faces All The Time? Who Are These People and Where Do They Come From?

  1. Great explanation Donna! I remember mentioning this to my mom as a kid and she said “I’m sure they are just people you’ve seen through out your day.” I was so angry and told her I never saw these people before in my life! 20 something years later it’s still happening. I’ve learned to tone it down but sometimes I welcome it as well. They usually don’t say a word…just passing through.

  2. That is really cool. And I like your explanations of these visions. I don’t really see much, but I do feel things and I wake up all the time expecting to see some one or thing there. I believe that fear is still stopping me from seeing. I am working on that. It will happen someday. I love your posts. I am so happy that spirit led me to you and your beautiful soul!

  3. Another possible explanation is they are spirits we have known before, in other lives, or Spirit team members….I have heard many different opinions on this. I only see black and white faces coming at me. One after the other. Only 3 times have I recognized them. I believe those were just, hello’s. What the others want or mean to me I will just wait and hope to find out….

    • That would be a possibility too Nancy. I wonder if there is any way of knowing for sure? Sounds like more research is needed for sure. I’d love to hear other opinions on this as well 🙂

  4. Great go know there is someone who see faces too! Same for me: nap time, going to sleep or relax and I see faces…still didn t discover the meaning…

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